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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors G - Gan

Gage, William H.

The Cruel Coast. New American Library, 1966. 243 pages

Disabled WW II U-boat seeks refuge on neutral island off Irish coast, takes advantage of fisherfolk.





Gaines, Charles (1922- ) & Esther E. Miles

Last Convoy to Europe. Writer's Club, 2001. 129 pages

A story of a voyage of the just commissioned Liberty Ship Peter J. Lipscomb during the waning days of World War II, featuring a young narrator and his alcoholic Captain.





Gallery, Daniel V. (1901-1977)

"Fatso" Gioninni series:

  1. Now, Hear This! Norton, 1965. 254 pages

    Fatso Gioninni's adventures aboard the USS GUADACANAL in the Mediterranean. Fatso has wangled the job of the ship's incinerator operator, the better to run his numerous rackets and shenanigans.





  3. Stand By-y-y to Start Engines. Norton, 1966. 218 pages

    Adventures of the pilots aboard the GUADACANAL in the Med. Fatso is in this one, but this book shows how the officers can raise every bit as much Hell as the enlisted personnel.




  5. Cap'n Fatso. Norton, 1969. 192 pages

    Fatso now "commands" an LCU in the Med. He ends up stranded when his mother ship is sent to Viet Nam, and the Suez is subsequently closed due to the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. He uses the opportunity to irritate the Russian Navy, while cruising the Eastern Med in search of fun.




  7. "Away Boarders". Norton, 1971. 190 pages

    Cap'n "Fatso" Gioninni and his inimitable crew wage a Mediterranean war with the Russian navy, become enmeshed in an Arab-Israeli caper, and emerge smelling of roses.




The Brink. Doubleday, 1968. 317 pages

American nuclear submarine nukes a Russian destroyer in the arctic, causing all kinds of embarassment and possibly WW III, not a comedy.





Gallico, Paul (1897-1976)

The Snow Goose. Knopf, 1941. 37 pages

Against the backdrop of the Dunkirk evacuation during World War II, friendship develops between a lonely crippled painter and a village girl, when together they minister to an injured snow goose.




The Poseidon Adventure. Coward-McCann, 1969. 347 pages

The luxury liner "Poseidon" is hit by a massive tsunami on New Year's Eve, rocking the ship upside down; and a small ban of trapped survivors must work their way through the labyrinth of the ships' underbelly to escape.




Beyond the Poseidon Adventure. Delacorte, 1978. 237 pages

Three survivors return to the ship, Poseidon, where they find pirates who have come to plunder.






Galloway, Les (1919-1990)

The Forty Fathom Bank. Black Heron, 1984. 188 pages

During WWII the value of vitamin A from fish livers becomes massivly inflated. The author-narrator belatedly buys an old fishing boat and tries to cash in. He hires as crewman a quiet, odd-looking man who advises him to fish in forty fathoms. The crewman proposes the bargain that the first three tons caught be the captain’s and anything above that is his. As the catch reaches over 10 tons, the captain regrets the deal.




Of Great Spaces. Black Heron, 1987. 216 pages

Collects 5 short stories: “Last Passenger North, or the Doppelganger”, “The Albacore Fisherman”, “The Caspar”, “Where No Flowers Bloom”, & “The Man Under the Pier”. The second half is made up of non-nautical stories by Jerome Gold





Gann, Ernest K. (1910-1991)

Fiddler's Green. Sloane, 1950. 302 pages

Criminal on the run hides out by going commercial fishing in a boat based in San Francisco. Filmed as "Raging Tide".




Twilight for the Gods. Sloane, 1956. 306 pages

The owner-captain of the CANNIBAL, one of the last commercial sailing vessels, attempts to take his hogged and decaying barkentine from Suva to Mexico in October 1927. Captain Bell has a checkered past and a drinking problem, and the crew and passengers are all misfit has-beens. The movie of this one starred Gann's own brigantine, the ALBATROS.




Song of the Sirens. Simon and Schuster, 1968. 318 pages

Gann's experiences aboard his seventeen "wonderful sirens" (i.e. sailing vessels)






Gannon, Michael (1927-2017)

Secret Missions. HarperCollins, 1994. 359 pages

Semi-nautical. German spy is landed by U-boat in Florida in early 1942. A Catholic priest learns of the spy's presence during confession, and sets out to stop the spy, while maintaining the confidentiality of the confession. Then they stumble on the Dolittle raiders practicing for their Tokyo mission. Much of the action involves ASW off the Florida coast. Most of the action takes place on, or over, water. A fun novel.




Gant, James

Columbus. Sphere, 1971. 235 pages

Yet another fictionalized Columbus bio, with the focus on his first American expedition. Despite the claim above the title on the cover, this novel never became "a major motion picture starrring Omar Sharif".










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