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Nautical Fiction Index

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Sigurðardóttir, Yrsa (1963- )

The Silence of the Sea. Hodder & Stoughton, 2011. 420 pages

Translation of Brakið. A luxury yacht arrives in Reykjavik harbor with nobody on board. What has happened to the crew, and to the family who were on board when it left Lisbon? Series character Þóra Guðmundsdóttir (Thora Gudmundsdottir) is hired by the young father's parents to investigate, and is soon drawn deeper into the mystery. Number 6 in the series





Silliphant, Stirling (1918-1996)

Steel Tiger. Ballentine, 1983. 318 pages

Our hero, an ex-cop and Vietnam vet, sails off to the South Pacific, smack into a mystery of brutal killings that he has to solve.





Silver, Richard

Captain Shark series:

  1. By Pirates' Blood. Pinnacle, 1975. 158 pages

    Introduces, Sebastian Shark, pirate captain in the dying days of the buccaneers -- who sailed with Morgan to Panama in his youth and now commands various ships, generally named DRACO. He buckles a swash across the Spanish Main in various scrapes and contretemps. Ahrrg, me hearties!




  3. Jaws of Death. Pinnacle, 1975. 184 pages

    Picks up from By Pirates' Blood with Shark escaping from Spanish captivity, embarking on a wide variety of stereotypical buccaneering activities, and finally going in search of Morgan's treasure.





Silverberg, Robert (1935- )

Lord of Darkness. Arbor House, 1983. 558 pages

In the late 16th century a young British seaman is captured by the Portuguese and shipped to Angola, where he's forced to act as pilot for slavers. He gets drawn into African Satanic rites, and confronts the Lord of Darkness.





Simenon, Georges (1903-1989)

Maigret Keeps a Rendezvous. Harcort, Brace & Co., 1941. 312 pages

Collection which includes "The Sailors' Rendezvous" (Au rendez-vous des Terre-Neuvas). Inspector Maigret investigates the death of Captain Fallut after the disasterous voyage of the trawler Océan.





Simmons, Dan (1948- )

The Crook Factory. Morrow, 1999. 448 pages

Fictionalized version of the real life counter-espionage and spy ring, known as the Crook Factory, that was set up by Ernest Hemingway in Cuba during World War II. Here Papa manages to sink a German U-Boat.




The Terror. Little, Brown, 2007. 769 pages

Captain Francis Crozier, searching for the Northwest Passage commands HMS Terror and has to overcome bad food, poor leadership, even poorer subordinates, mutinous sailors, cold, scurvy and a Monster, in order to reconcile himself with the future that he has seen but fails to understand. Adapted for television in 2018.





Simms, William Gilmore (1806-1870)

The Cassique of Kiawah; a Colonial romance. Redfield, 1859. 600 pages

Set in seventeenth-century South Carolina, recounting both life aboard a pirate ship and American Indian warfare.



Simon, Philip Jerome (1901- )

Log of the Mayflower. Priam, 1956. 208 pages

Account of the Mayflower from the aborted attempts to sail from England with the Speedwell, to the final ocean voyage are portrayed through log records of the Mayflower. The story ends with the Pilgrims about to embark at Plymouth.





Simpson, George E. (1944-2019) & Burger, Neal R. (1931-2005)

Ghostboat. Dell, 1976. 412 pages

Fantasy. US Submarine CANDLEFISH disappears on December 11, 1944 and reappears on October 5, 1974 with everything in perfect working condition - but no crew. A new crew assembles to retrace the last voyage.




Thin Air. Dell, 1978. 318 pages

Shades of The Philadelphia Experiment! A ship disappears during tests, the crew reappear 25 years later. Investigation of Navy coverup of secret weapon tests ensues.





Simpson, Helen (1897-1940)

Maid No More. Reynal & Hitchcock, 1940. 322 pages

An impoverished Royalist and two women preachers are passengers on an unseaworthy vessel bound for the slave coast, and ultimately the freedom of the Indies. But storm without and storm within wreck all their plans





Skouen, Arne (1913-2003)

Stokers' Mess. A.A. Knopf, 1948. 237 pages

Norwegian sailors on Norwegian-flagged cargo ships. Originally published in Norway as Fest i Port des Galets.






Slater, Ian (1941- )

Firespill. Bantam, 1977. 309 pages

An oil spill ignites off the Canadian coast, turns into an inferno.




Deep Chill. Worldwide, 1989. 378 pages

USN submarine is disabled on the bottom of the North Pacific. An oceanographer is sent to help and a Soviet sub is ready to pounce.






Slaughter, Frank G. [pseud. C. V. Terry] (1908-2001)

Fort Everglades. Doubleday, 1951. 340 pages

Set during the Seminole Wars in Florida, which was fought by small U.S. Navy and marine boat parties.




Buccaneer Surgeon. Hanover House, 1954. 309 pages

Originally published using the pseudonym C.V. Terry. Footloose British-Spanish surgeon's adventures as a spy, adventurer, and ship's captain serving Francis Drake as "El Draco" raids Santo Domingo and Cartegena in the years leading up to the Armada. A Captain Blood knock-off, but not a particularly good one.



Darien Venture. Hanover House, 1955. 286 pages

Originally published using the pseudonym C.V. Terry. English who used his buccaneering income to become a surgeon. Unable to set up a practice is Edinburgh, he gets dragged against his better judgment into a Scots attempt to buccaneer and settle in the Darien coast (Panama). Events take place in 1698-1700.



Flight from Natchez. Doubleday, 1955. 285 pages

In 1781 Dr. Powers, unjustly dismissed from his British regiment in Florida, makes his way to Natchez. When that city was threatened by the Spanish colonists, Powers leads a band of Loyalists in a hazardous flight through the wilderness of the lower Mississippi Valley




The Warrior. Doubleday, 1956. 255 pages

An American adopted as a blood brother by Chief Osceola, tries to save the deteriorating situation between the Seminoles and the encroaching white settlers




The Mapmaker : a novel of the days of Prince Henry, the Navigator. Doubleday, 1957. 320 pages

Andrea Bianco escapes from slavery on a Moorish galley to become a navigator in the service of Prince Henry of Portugal. Between fending off the treachery of his half-brother, he discovers the Senegal River and Cuba -- before Columbus. Fun and plausibly told. Very loosely based on the life of a noted cartographer: Andrea Bianco.



The Golden Ones. Hanover House, 1957. 285 pages

Originally published using the pseudonym C.V. Terry. A Sabatini-esque romance with a Sir Francis Drake stand-in




The Deadly Lady of Madagascar. Doubleday, 1959. 264 pages

A C. V. Terry book. Bonita, daughter of pirate pirate Red Carter, buckles swashes with the best of them, mesmerizes British captain, and steals gold.




Pilgrims in Paradise. Doubleday, 1960. 319 pages

Puritan expedition to settle Eleuthera in the 1650s. Book pivots around the interaction of the expedition's surgeon, a freethinking doctor, and its leader, the surgeon's bluenosed brother. Action includes plagues and pirates at sea, survey of a coastline, shipwreck, and escape on a raft, a battle against a Spanish ship that attempts to raid the colony, and a witchcraft trial.



The Purple Quest, a novel of seafaring adventure in the ancient world. Doubleday, 1965. 301 pages

The Phonecian merchant-prince Stabon -- who is not a surgeon -- helps Queen Dido establish Carthage, after himself establishing a Phonecian colony in Spain. Sea battles, shipbuilding and ocean voyages a plenty, but as with most Slaughter sea novels, most of the action occurs on shore. Enjoyable read.



Plague Ship. Doubleday, 1976. 254 pages

An archeologist releases an Ebola-like disease from an ancient burial site in Peru. Only the archeologist's brother, a Nobel-winning epidemiologist, and a clapped-out hospital ship with a bad engine, offer a chance to control the virus before it becomes a world-wide epidemic. Then the superstitious population of the port at which the ship is berthed force it out to sea into the path of a Pacific storm. Good medical detective read, but doesn't get to sea for the first 2/3rds of the story.




Sleeper, John Sherburne [pseud. Hawser Martingale] (1794-1878)

Tales of the Ocean, and Essays for the Forecastle: Containing Matters and Incidents Humorous, Pathetic, Romantic, and Sentimental. S.N. Dickinson, 1841. 431 pages

Salt Water Bubbles; or, Life on the Wave. W.J. Reynolds, 1854. 408 pages

28 stories about life at sea. Reprinted as Ocean Adventures : or, Cabin and Forecastle Yarns of Thrilling Incidents and Wonderful Adventures on the Ocean : being descriptions of battles, tempests, shipwreck, and perilous encounters : also, lively yarns and curious stories spun in the forecastle over hard tack and salt junk, or in the dog watches

Jack in the Forecastle; or, Incidents in the Early Life of Hawser Martingale. Crosby, Nichols, Lee, 1860. 452 pages

Mark Rowland : a Tale of the Sea. Loring, 1867. 206 pages


Smalley, Peter

Hayter-Rennie series:

  1. HMS Expedient. Century, 2005. 402 pages

    In 1786: Captain William Rennie is on the beach and on half pay. Things weren't always so bad for him. So Rennie is amazed when he's given a prime commission: HMS Expedient is a 36 gun frigate; she is to be sent to the South Seas on a scientific expedition. Then a long series of mysterious accidents and setbacks occur as Expedient sails south.




  3. Port Royal. Century, 2006. 386 pages

    It is the year 1788. HMS Expedient has returned from a perilous secret mission to the Pacific Ocean. Her Captain, William Rennie, and First Lieutenant James Hayter should be wealthy men, but their patron has seen that their rewards are meager at best. The most they can hope for is a new commission, and soon Expedient is on her way to Port Royal, Jamaica, to protect the British Colony from possible attack. Finding a society founded on the unimaginable riches of slavery and the plantations, Rennie and Hayter also discover a complex enemy plot taking place at the Governor's residence.


  5. Barbary Coast. Century, 2007. 366 pages

    Lieutenant James Hayter and Captain William Rennie are to sail to the Mediterranean, to assist Britain's ally Rashid Bey of Rabhet. Murky politics, threatened mutiny, desperate sea actions and imprisonment follow on the sweltering North African Coast, where the rules of European warfare no longer apply and the victor will take everything.




  7. The Hawk. Century, 2008. 354 pages

    1790 and England is on the cusp of war with Revolutionary France. The night-time Channel is the scene of intense smuggling activity and the passage of spies from one coast to another. Lieutenant James Hayter has achieved his heart's desire - his first independent command, His Majesty's 'Hawk' cutter, 10 guns.




  9. The Gathering Storm. Century, 2009. 370 pages

    Spring 1791. Though deeply disturbed by a terrible incident during his previous commission, James Hayter is nevertheless on the verge of taking command of HMS Sloop Eglantine as Master and Commander when personal tragedy shatters his life. The twin blows convince Hayter that he is not fit to command and he must turn his back on the sea forever.




  11. The Pursuit. Century, 2010. 366 pages

    Spring 1792. HMS Expedient and her crew have survived their most perilous commission yet: the dead have been buried and the battle scars repaired. Captain James Rennie is anxious to be active again after a year on the beach. And this time he longs for regular service with the Fleet as opposed to the dangerous detached missions. His friend, Lieutenant James Hayter, is haunted by his past and he too longs for the sea. Both will find their escape, but not in the circumstances they would have wished. Once more the summons comes for a secret voyage, in pursuit of a heavily armed neutral vessel. Aboard the ship lies a secret that could change the course of the coming war for Britain, and the loss of which could tip the balance irrevocably in favour of Revolutionary France. Rennie and Hayter must play a deadly game involving sea battles, mutiny and breathtaking deception.


  13. The Marvellous Sea. self, 2014. 374 pages

    The year is 1793 and while England mobilises her navy and looks East across the Channel and into the Mediterranean, a mission is being planned by Mr. Brough Mappin, administrator of the Secret Service Fund. Once again in command of the frigate HMS Expedient (36) Captain William Rennie and his Lieutenant, James Hayter, find themselves under secret orders and with an independent commission steering a course deep into the South Atlantic.

  14. The Following Wind. self, 2018. 572 pages

  15. The Privateer. self, 2021. 434 pages






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