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Havighurst, Walter (1901-1994)

No Homeward Course. Doubleday, Doran, 1941. 295 pages

A sympathetic tale of a World War 2 Nazi merchant raider. The raider is manned with as devoted and chivalrous a crew of German idealists as ever put to sea. The captain is Siegfried-Lohengrin, the chief engineer is a more elderly version of Siegfried-Lohengrin, the ship’s doctor is service to humanity incarnate, and only the first officer is a Nazi.




Hawes, Charles Boardman (1889-1923)

The Mutineers : a tale of old days at sea and of adventures in the Far East as Benjamin Lathrop set it down some sixty years ago. Atlantic, 1919. 276 pages

Mutiny on a ship in the Pacific.




The Great Quest : a romance of 1826, wherein are recorded the experiences of Josiah Woods of Topham, and of those others with whom he sailed for Cuba and the Gulf of Guinea. Little Brown, 1921. 359 pages

Twelve-year-old Josiah tells of how his Uncle Seth is tricked by an old friend into selling his shop and buying a ship. Thinking they are going in search of gold, Josiah and his uncle find themselves unwillingly involved in the slave trade and at odds with the crew.



The Dark Frigate : wherein is told the story of Philip Marsham who lived in the time of King Charles and was bred a sailor but came home to England after many hazards by sea and land and fought for the king at Newbury and lost a great inheritance and departed for Barbados in the same ship, by curious chance, in which he had long before adventured with the pirates. Atlantic Monthly, 1923. 247 pages

The story of Philip Marsham, a sailor in King Charles times who dares not return to England after his ship is taken over by pirates, and he is forced to join their crew. Young adult -- in same sense that Mr. Midshipman Hornblower or Bolitho and the Avenger are. Newberry Award winner.



Hawthorne, Mike

The Hungry Horizon. Fireship, 2016. 345 pages

In 1679, a fleet of buccaneers secretly prepares to attack the Spanish Main, in defiance of the peace treaty between England and Spain. A veteran of the Dutch Wars and Henry Morgan's sack of Panama, Tom Sheppard flees from a brawl in Port Royal with his two young turtle-fishing mates to join the expedition and escape the threat of the gallows. First of the projected Pirates of the Pacific series, of which only this book has seen print.



Haycox, Ernest (1899-1950)

Long Storm. Little, Brown, 1946. 296 pages

The bitter fight of southern sympathizers, the Copperheads, to take Oregon out of the Union and the pro-Union protagonist to keep his coastal Oregon boat operating.





The Adventurers. Little, Brown, 1954. 332 pages

In the 1860s a sea captain goes aground in storm on the West Coast, takes to working on a river in Oregon.





Hayden, Sterling (1916-1986)

Voyage: a novel of 1896. Putnam, 1976. 700 pages

On New Year's Day, 1896, the enormous steel-hulled four-masted square rigger Neptune's Car slides down the ways of a Maine shipyard, the pride of Banning Butler Blanchard, shipbuilder extraordinaire. Undertaking a torturous maiden voyage around the Horn to San Francisco, her crew are driven to murder and near mutiny by the brutal reality of life below deck on a "hellship" during the age of sail. Meanwhile, Blanchard's daughter Mrs. Montague Cutting, her husband, and a party of gilded aristocrats enjoy an idyllic cruise through the South Pacific to Japan, aboard the luxurious private yacht Atalanta. As both Atalanta and Neptune's Car arrive in San Francisco on the eve of the Bryan-McKinley presidential election, the increasing chasm between haves and have-nots threatens to erupt into riot and insurrection.


Hayes, Courtenay

Seamew & Co.. Herbert Jenkins, 1924. 310 pages

Extracts of the Mental Log of Captain William Caxton and Colonel Wm. Gale during their Adventure on the Yacht "Seamew".





Haywood, Charles F.

Eastward the Sea. Jackson & Phillips, 1959. 304 pages

Seamen from Marblehead taking on the Barbary pirates.





Hazlett, Edward Everett

"Rig for depth charges!" The career of a young naval officer on submarine duty. Dodd, Mead, 1945. 269 pages

For young readers.





Healey, David

The Sea Lord Chronicles:

  1. First Voyage. Intracoastal Media, 2012. 312 pages

    When 14-year-old Alexander Hope is sent by his stingy uncle to become a junior officer in the Royal Navy, he has never seen the sea or been very far from the ramshackle manor house where he grew up. He's also never seen a gryphon. There are high expectations for Alexander, whose famous ancestor was Sir Algernon Hope, a sea elemental who defeated the Spanish Armada and saved England from invasion.



  3. Ship of Spies. Intracoastal Media, 2014. 166 pages

    Alexander is assigned to catch the thief who stole something mysterious from the American diplomat aboard the HMS Resolution. His task is made difficult because crew and even some of the officers are suspicious and jealous of his new powers as an elemental who can command the sea.




Heatter, Basil (1918-2009)

The Dim View. Farrar, Straus, 1946. 256 pages

PT skipper fears that he has lost his nerve after being injured in the South Pacific, but must again face the Japanese from the deck of his PT boat.





Heggen, Thomas (1919-1949)

Mr. Roberts. Houghton Mifflin, 1946. 221 pages

US Navy transport RELUCTANT as it sails from Tedium to Apathy -- with occasional side trips to Monotony and Ennui -- in the back waters of WW II in the Pacific. Novel focuses on the attempts by a reserve lieutenant to defy his mustang captain by transfering off the ship to a combat position. Later an award winning play and film.




Hemingway, Ernest (1899-1961)

After the Storm. Hearst's International/Cosmopolitan, May 1932.

Short story. A poor Bahamian fisherman finds a sunken luxury yacht and tries unsuccessfully to scavenge it.





The Old Man and the Sea. Scribner, 1952. 93 pages

Cuban doesn't bring home the big fish.





Islands in the Stream. Scribner, 1970. 448 pages

Published posthumously. About an American painter who lives on Bimini. The early part of the book (set in the 1930s) contains some great sport fishing scenes. During WW II the painter and his boat are drafted in the service of American intelligence to track down survivors of a German submarine who are trying to escape.




Hennessy, Max [pseud. of John Harris] (1916-1991)

Kelly "Ginger" Maguire trilogy:

  1. The Lion at Sea. Hamilton, 1977. 314 pages

    From 1911 through WW I, Maguire serves on armored cruiser HUGUENOT, gets torpedoed on CRESSY, stranded in Antwerp in 1914, captured when his submarine is sunk during Gallipoli, and sees action on destroyer MORDANT at Jutland.




  3. The Dangerous Years. Hamilton, 1978. 292 pages

    Follows our hero through the years between WW I and the Spanish Civil War. He has adventures in Russia during the Civil War, Shanghai, and in the Red Sea during the Abyssinian Crisis.




  5. Back to Battle. Hamilton, 1979. 297 pages

    Ginger Maguire, now the most decorated man in the Royal Navy, commands a destroyer in Iberian waters during the Spanish Civil War, fights at Narvik, Matapan and Crete, and commands an escort group on the Murmansk run in action remarkably similar to the Battle of the Barents Sea.




Henrick, Richard P.

Silent Warriors. Kensington, 1985. 381 pages

Alexander Korsakov, captain of Russia's most technologically advanced submarine, is shocked to learn that he is to spearhead a massive nuclear first strike against the Americans. The captain of a U.S. attack sub, out of radio contact and without orders, must engage in an epic undersea battle--or risk witnessing the shattering end of the world above.



Counterforce. Kensington, 1985. 415 pages

Inside the world's most advanced submarine, Vulkan, a man holds a list of U.S. targets--each one will mean millions of casualties and a world thrown into nuclear chaos. Capt. Cooksey knows that his elusive prey can be brought down only one way--betrayal. Someone within the Russian hierarchy is about to give the Americans the one tool they need to stop the Vulkan.



The Phoenix Odyssey. Kensington, 1986. 364 pages

Receiving a sudden War Alert while on a routiene patrol, the crew of the Trident submarine USS Phoenix is suddenly cut off of all communication--including the one cancelling the War Alert--and reemerges with the wrong ideas.




Flight of the Condor. Kensington, 1987. 381 pages

America's most advanced defensive surveillance satellite is hurtling towards Earth, leaving the United States susceptible to a surprise attack from the Soviet Union. As the Russians prepare to deliver a lethal nuclear blow, the fate of humanity will be fought on two battlefields--beneath the ocean and in outer space.



When Duty Calls. Kensington, 1988. 415 pages

Russians put first military laser on line in Siberia, so SEAL team has to go in by submarine, then destroy site.




Beneath the Silent Sea. Kensington, 1988. 414 pages

The Chinese have launched their most lethal submarine in a clandestine attack on both the U.S. and the Soviet Union-- just as peace talks between these two nations have begun. Now, to stop the Maoist fanatics, two world powers about to come together in peace must join forces in war. As they race toward a showdown in the perilous ocean depths, the ultimate thermonuclear endgame is about to be played for the highest stakes of all.



Cry of the Deep. Kensington, 1989. 416 pages

30-year-old US sub SWORDFISH stands between gigantic Russian sub and nuclear warfare with US.




Under the Ice. Kensington, 1989. 383 pages

Airplane carrying the Soviet premier goes down in the arctic, and US and USSR subs race to the area.




Sea Devil. Kensington, 1990. 382 pages

Renegade Admiral Igor Starobin leads a new submarine to penetrate and destroy a U.S. Navy base that is the strategic core of NATO's defense advantage. The formidable "Sea Devil" becomes locked in a desperate battle against the super attack sub USS BOWFIN, under the command of Pentagon special investigator Brad Mackenszie.



The Golden U-Boat. Kensington, 1991. 384 pages

Nazi U-boat sinks with secret weapon; 50 years later, fugitive SS officer salvages it. A US sub must deal with the Nazi and a Russian boomer.




Sea of Death. Kensington, 1992. 350 pages

The ultimate biological weapon lies in the hands of a Ninja warrior with a mad dream of reestablishing Japan as the world's mightiest military superpower. Only an obsolete diesel-powered submarine manned by a crew of specially trained computer-oriented nuke submariners can stop him.




Dive to Oblivion. Kensington, 1993. 352 pages

When a nuclear-powered submarine vanishes, commander Thomas Moore uncovers a trail of terror that leads to a paranoid and ruthless cabal of hardline Communists.




Ecowar. HarperCollins, 1993. 338 pages

Dr. Peter Kraft, an expert in dolphin communication, is ordered to journey on the attack class vessel, the USS Chicago, to investigate strange reports of a marauding sea monster in the depths of the Kuril Trench.




Ice Wolf. Harper, 1994. 337 pages

Nuclear attack sub USS SPRINGFIELD encounters mysterous rogue U-boat with ex-Nazi aboard, seeking legendary lost treasure in the arctic.




Crimson Tide. Avon, 1995. 239 pages

Aboard nuclear sub USS ALABAMA when orders come to launch preemptive nuclear strike. Is order real, a test, or a mistake? It's impossible to confirm, skipper wants to launch, and exec says no. Made into a movie starring Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington. This is the author's novelization of his screenplay.



Attack on a Queen. Avon, 1997. 368 pages

Terrorists seize the ocean liner, Queen Elizabeth II, hosting an economic conference of heads of top industrial countries. Two brothers try to outwit the terrorists, Thomas Kellogg of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Vincent Kellogg of the Secret Service.




Henty, G. A. (1832-1902)

Under Drake's Flag; a tale of the Spanish Main. C. Scribner's Sons, 1883. 386 pages






Yarns on the Beach : a bundle of tales. Blackie & Son, 1886. 160 pages

Do your duty : a tale of the French war -- Surly Joe -- A fish-wife's dream




Held fast for England : a tale of the siege of Gibraltar, 1779-83. Blackie & Son, 1891. 352 pages





A Chapter of Adventures : or, Through the bombardment of Alexandria. Blackie & Son, 1891. 288 pages

U.S. title: The Young Midshipman.




By England's Aid; or The Freeing of the Netherlands (1585-1604). Blackie & Son, 1891. 384 pages





In Greek waters; a story of the Grecian war of independence (1821-1827). Blackie & Son, 1892. 384 pages





When London burned : a story of Restoration times and the great fire. Blackie & Son, 1895. 388 pages

Cyril Shenstone lost his estates during the Commonwealth. He proves himself a hero during the Great Plague, the naval war against the Dutch and the Great Fire of London.



With Cochrane the Dauntless: a tale of the exploits of Lord Cochrane in South American waters. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1896. 388 pages





At Aboukir and Acre: a story of Napoleon's invasion of Egypt. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1898. 331 pages





By Conduct and Courage; a story of Nelson's days. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1904. 381 pages






Hepburn, Andrew

Letter of Marque. Little, Brown, 1959. 342 pages

Edward Stockton, mate in an American ship bound for China in 1812, is impressed into a British frigate. He escapes and finds his way to L'Orient, "the bustling intrigue-ridden center of privateering". Stockton outfits a lugger he captured during his escape and goes privateering. "The stench of smoke and the crash of rigging; the shine of the sails as a desperate ship strives to catch the wind; the sound of shot and the turmoil of had-to-hand combat..." [from bookjacket blurb]



Herbert, Alan Patrick (1890-1971)

The Water Gipsies. Doubleday, Doran, 1930. 414 pages

Life and love on the River Thames.




Herbert, Frank (1920-1986)

The Dragon in the Sea. Doubleday, 1956. 192 pages

It's the 21st century and the USA is running short on oil. The submarine FENIAN RAM is sent on a clandestine mission to tap the enemy's vast underwater oil deposits. Twenty vessels have failed to return and this is the final attempt! Revision of a serial published in "Astounding Science Fiction" under Herbert's preferred title Under Pressure. Also published as 21st Century Sub.




Herman, Fred (Frederick Sawyer) (1917- )

Dynamite Cargo: Convoy to Russia. Vanguard, 1943. 158 pages

Another Murmansk run story of a merchant seaman going to Russia on a liberty ship, which is then sunk, and his survival with 300 sailors on board of the HMS Scylla. Based on the author's actual experiences.





Hersey, John (1914-1993)

Under the Eye of the Storm. Knopf, 1967. 244 pages

Two couples on a weekend sail off the Massachussets coast get caught in a hurricane shortly after the boat's owner realized that his wife is having an affair with the other husband.





Herst, Roger E.

Ghost Sub. Kensington, 1979. 352 pages

US missile sub cruising under the ice pack in Russian waters is found and trapped. Published in the US as Status 1SQ.





Hickam, Homer H. (1943- )

The Keeper's Son. Thomas Dunne/St. Martin's, 2003. 353 pages

On the outer banks of the Carolinas in 1941, fisherman and a few lonely sailors constitute the human population. Dominating the rough yet beautiful landscape is the majestic Killakeet Lighthouse, run for generations by the Thurlow family. But Josh Thurlow, the lighthouse keeper's son, has forsworn his heritage to become the commander of a small Coast Guard patrol boat. Tortured by twenty years of guilt for losing his brother at sea, Josh still searches for him, even while a looming wolf pack of German U-boats threatens to decimate the shipping lanes off the coast. One of the U-boats is captained by a hardened Nazi, Otto Krebs. But Captain Krebs may bring ashore more than the war -- he may also have the answer to Josh Thurlow's quest.



Hickling, Reginald Hugh (1920-2007)

The English flotilla : a war novel. Macdonald, 1954. 256 pages

U.S. title: Falconer's Voyage. Adventures of a misantropic Royal Navy landing ship commander in Europe during WWII.





Higgins, Jack [pseud. of Harry Patterson] (1929-2022)

Storm Warning. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1976. 311 pages

During World War II, a group of German expatriates trapped in Brazil must sail across five thousand miles of tempestuous water to reach their homeland-and face the deadly barricade of American and British military power. Sequel to his bestselling novel The Eagle has Landed.




Cold Harbour. Simon and Schuster, 1990. 318 pages

As D-day approaches in Europe, the Allied command learns of a German staff conference to be held in Brittany at the Chateau de Voincourt, where the Nazis will discuss their Atlantic Wall defense strategy. Foreknowledge of these plans could mean the difference between success and failure for the Allied invasion, and as luck would have it, the chateau happens to be the home of an undercover French Resistance agent, beautiful Anne- Marie Trevaunce.




Thunder Point. Putnam, 1993. 356 pages

British agents search for the secret diaries of Martin Bormann that reveal British Nazi sympathizers and the secret plan Protocol.




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