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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Am - Ay

Ashmead, John

The Mountain and the Feather. Houghton, Mifflin, 1961. 397 pages

Account of the activities of a young Naval Officer serving as a Japanese language specialist in Honolulu and the Pacific, 1943-1945. Ashmead was a graduate of Navy Japanese language program at the University of Colorado. Boulder.




Ashton, Agnes

The Mark of Safety. Epworth, 1961. 152 pages

Biographical novel about Samuel Plimsoll and his line





Attiwill, Kenneth (1906-1992)

Windjammer. Doubleday, 1931. 312 pages

UK title: Horizon (1930)






Attiwill, Kenneth & Orton, J.O.C. [John Overton Cone] (1889-1962)

Thirteen Sailed Home. John Long, 1935. 288 pages

Thirteen men sail home from a voyage to Iquique during which three other men are lost and a young girl stowaway is discovered.





Augsberg, Paul Deresco (1897-1980)

Man the Whale Boats. Robert M. McBride, 1958. 135 pages

American whaling in the South Seas in the 1840s


Aurora [pseud.]

Jock Scott, Midshipman. His Log. E. Arnold, 1912. 306 pages

Aurora was an active duty navy officer who never revealed his identity. He also wrote Bluejackets versus Boxers: a Naval Diary of the Advance on Pekin in 1900, published as a supplement to the January 1912 number of the National Review





Austin, F. Britten (1885-1941)

A Saga of the Sea. MacMillan, 1929. 322 pages

Linked stories about a ship through the ages






Averill, Charles E. (1825?-1868)

The Corsair King; Or, The Blue Water Rovers : А Romance of the Piratical Empire. F. Gleason, 1847. 100 pages

The Secret Service Ship; Or, The Fall of San Juan d'Ulloa. А Thrilling Tale of the Mexican War. F. Gleason, 1847. 100 pages

The Female Fishers; Or, The Beautiful Girl of Marblehead. А Thrilling Story of the Sea Coast. Т. Wiley, 1848. 1 volume

The Wanderers: or, The Haunted Nobleman. А Story of Sea and Land Adventure. F. Gleason, 1848. 100 pages

The Wreckers; Or, The Ship Plunderers of Bernegat. А Startling Story of the Mysteries of the Sea-Shore. F. Gleason, 1848. 100 pages

The Pirates of Саре Ann; Or, The Freebooter's Foe. А Tale of Land and Water. F. Gleason, 1848. 100 pages

The Secrets of the Нigh Seas; Or, The Mysterious Wreck in the Gulf Stream. А Tale of the Ocean's Exciting Incidents. Williams, 1849. 132 pages

Adelaide, the Avenger; Or, The Fearful Retribution! DeWitt, 1868. 100 pages

Blackbeard; Or, The Bloodhound of the Bermudas: А Tale of the Ocean's Incidents. DeWitt, 1868. 100 pages



Avi [Edward Irving Wortis] (1937- )

Captain Grey. Pantheon Books, 1977. 141 pages

Following the Revolution, an eleven-year-old boy becomes the captive of a ruthless man who has set up his own "nation," supported by piracy, on a remote part of the New Jersey coast.




The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. Orchard, 1991. 192 pages

As the lone "young lady" on a transatlantic voyage in 1832, Charlotte learns that the captain is murderous and the crew rebellious.




Aye, Michael [pseud. Michael and Patricia Fowler]

The Fighting Anthonys series:

  1. The Reaper. Broadsides Press, 2005. 200 pages

    The Captain Gilbert Anthony has a lot on his mind. He has just been decorated for extraordinary bravery under fire, been given command of the fourth-rate Drakkar, learned from his father's deathbed that he has a fully-grown illegimate brother and will soon be dispatched on a special mission chasing pirates in the Carribbean. Honoring his dying father, the eponymous 'Fighting James Anthony,' Vice Admiral of the Blue, Gil takes his half-brother Gabriel into the ship's company as a senior midshipman. As Drakkar sails Captain Anthony soon realizes having his brother aboard might not be the family reunion he hoped for when he encounters the resentment of one of his officers, Lieutenant Witzenfeld. But the real conflict lies ahead with the menacing pirate raiders who must be captured to cease the depradations against peaceful English merchants. There Drakkar will find the feared pirate frigate Reaper and have her entire crew tested in savage combat.


  3. HMS SeaWolf. Boson, 2007. 276 pages

    The Gabe is at the center of the action as he takes command for the first time. Not one to stand aside, he leads a daring cutting out expedition that ends disastrously. Separated from the crew, he is presumed dead. But his brother Gil knows better.





  5. Barracuda. Boson, 2008. 244 pages

    The Admiral Lord Gilbert Anthony and his brother Lieutenant Gabriel Anthony, fighting for the Crown during the American Revolution, find adventure, daring privateers, and a ghost ship. The ghost ship Barracuda plies the waters off the coast of Saint Augustine in 1777. The Barracuda takes no prize and leaves no one alive. Tracking down the Barracuda is only one of the many challenges and battles the brothers face when assigned to protect Florida loyalists.



  7. SeaHorse. Boson, 2010. 292 pages

    The A needful nation calls. Admiral Lord Anthony has just returned from Gabe's wedding and is finally able to relax with Lady Deborah and their new daughter. Then the admiralty's messenger arrives. Lord Anthony has been given command of His Majesties ships in the West Indies. He and Gabe set sail with a new squadron only to face old enemies, personal tragedies, daring privateers and the French who have signed a alliance with the determined American colonies.



  9. Peregrine. Boson, 2012. 205 pages

    The July 1778. A French fleet of mighty warships under Comte d'Estaing arrives off Sandy Hook to aid the colonies. The British Navy finds itself hard pressed to fulfill the duties cast upon it. Vice Admiral Lord Anthony has temporarily transferred his flag to the frigate, HMS Peregrine for diplomatic duty. The ship's captain is Lord Anthony's brother Gabe. The mission is to transport prisoners of war and their families to Norfolk, Virginia in exchange for British prisoners. Sailing under a flag of truce Peregrine is viciously attacked.



  11. Trident. Boson Books, 2014. 211 pages

    Recently promoted to Rear Admiral, Rupert Buck's flag flies aloft HMS Trident as his squadron is formed. Captain Sir Gabriel Anthony, England's latest hero, has been chosen as flag captain. What was to have been a routine mission has suddenly been changed by the Foreign Services Office. American privateers have joined with the French to raid British convoys returning from the Indian Ocean. Buck's squadron has to immediately weigh anchor and rush to meet this new threat. A sudden crisis develops and Gabe finds himself thrust into command of the squadron.



  13. Leopard. Boson Books, 2017. 217 pages

    The year is 1780. American privateers who have wreaked havoc among British shipping are now boldly entering British ports. Lord Anthony sets sail with a squadron to deal with the privateers. Gabe has been on the beach for several months, accused of overstepping his authority by an angered admiral who is sent to replace Admiral Buck. Unbeknownst to the British, Spain has entered the war to aid the Americans. Sailing the crippled Trident to the Antigua dockyards, Gabe comes upon a decimated British convoy. Once in Antigua, the admiral places Gabe in temporary command of HMS Leopard, a fifty-gun ship. His job: To seek out Lord Anthony and alert him of this new enemy. Fighting enemy ships from several countries seems bad enough; yet the worst hurricane in history threatens to do what enemy cannons can't do -- stop the Fighting Anthonys



  14. Ares. Bitingduck Books, 2020. 300 pages

    Vice Admiral Lord Gilbert Anthony is recalled to England for a new assignment, and brings his squadron, including younger brother Captain Gabriel “Sir Gabe” Anthony, who has been given command of Ares, a French prize. She is a razee, a fast and a heavily armed forty-four gun frigate. While in England, Gabe’s life is threatened and he is aided by a homeless waif that he’d befriended. The boy is gravely wounded, and when he heals, Gabe’s uncle Dagan discovers the boy is more than he appears.



  16. Andalucia. Bitingduck Books, 2021. 250 pages

    The war with the colonies is almost over—a war that was not only mishandled but costly. Spain became allies of the Americans, taking many unsuspecting ships and numerous lives. Considering this treachery, the British government feels Spain must pay, and a plan is made to raid the Manila-Acapulco treasure galleons. Gabe Anthony, now a Commodore, leads a squadron to the Pacific via the Magellan Strait in search of the galleon Andalucia.



Pyrate series:

  1. The Rise of Cooper Cain. Boson Books, 2015. 368 pages

    Young Cooper Cain is driven from his home and his country by a nefarious cousin. Little does he imagine what awaits: on his way to Antigua from his native England, Cooper finds himself captured by pirates and eventually signs on to be a member of their crew. He tries to reconcile his values with his adopted way of life as he navigates through danger, love, and loss on the high seas.




  3. Letter of Marque. Boson Books, 2019. 310 pages

    Cooper Cain was driven from his home in England and found his calling as a pirate captain in the Caribbean. Now an adopted son of the newly formed United States, Cain leaves piracy to become a privateer, raiding British vessels attempting to supply troops at the start of the war of 1812.





  4. The Hunter. Boson Books, 2022. 242 pages

    After the War of 1812, who better to hunt down pirates than the Pyrate? Cooper Cain becomes The Hunter.






Smugglers series:

  1. The Smugglers of Deal. Bitingduck, 2021. 244 pages

    Cole Buckley lived a charmed life. But Cole’s father wants him to know what it is like to work, to understand the struggles of the common man. Cole is sent to Deal to work in his uncle’s tavern. In Deal, Cole becomes a trusted friend to a known smuggler, where he learns the free trade.




  3. The Smuggler's Spy. Boson, 2023. 270 pages

    Taking advantage of Lieutenant Cole Buckley’s knowledge and friendship with many of Deal’s smugglers, the secret division of the Foreign Service calls on young Buckley to be their agent against France.








Aymar, Brandt (editor)

Men at Sea : the best sea stories of all time from Homer to William F. Buckley, Jr. Barnes & Noble, 1994. 640 pages

This huge companion volume to the anthology Men at War contains 60 selections about men who have challenged the sea, from such writers as Melville, Poe, Conrad, London, Hugo, and Hemingway, including short novels, excerpts from novels, and historical accounts.




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