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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Kel - Kent

Kellogg, Rev. Elijah (1813-1901)

Elm Island series:

  1. The Young Ship-Builders of Elm Island. Lee and Shepard, 1870. 304 pages

    A fine story of a youngster who, in love with boats of all kinds, teaches himself the art of building them. In spite of an early set-back with his first effort (a sailing log canoe) he finally masters the difficulties and succeeds in becoming a much sought-after young boat-builder and shipwright. "Kellogg's descriptions of life in a small coastal fishing and farming community at the turn of the 18th & 19th centuries are nothing less than luminous and his portraits of some of the characters are uplifting to be sure. Reverend Kellogg has a very lyrical style. His descriptions of the surroundings of Elm Island are hard to resist. " [DG]


  3. The Hard-Scrabble of Elm island. Lee and Shepard, 1870. 320 pages






  5. The Ark of Elm Island. Lee and Shepard, 1869. 288 pages






  7. The Boy Farmers of Elm Island. Lee and Shepard, 1869. 300 pages






  9. Lion Ben of Elm Island. Lee and Shepard, 1869. 265 pages







Kelsey, Franklyn

The Prowlers of the Deep. G.G. Harrap, 1942. 240 pages

Anarchists with super submarine, robots and powerful weapons engage in piracy on the high seas.






Kendall, Oswald (1880-1957)

Captain Hawks: Master Mariner: A Story of the Sea as Told to the Author by George Henry Grummet, Mate of the Schooner Effie Dean. Stanley Paul, 1912. 288 pages

US title: Captain Protheroe's Fortune





The Romance of the Martin Connor. Houghton Mifflin, 1916. 312 pages

An American tramp steamer sails to the Amazon on rubber importation business. Later reprinted as The Voyage of the Martin Connor





The Stormy Petrel. Houghton Mifflin, 1925. 275 pages






The Missing Island. Houghton Mifflin, 1926. 302 pages

Schooner-yacht Flora McDonald burns at sea, but her crew escape to find a missing island, a stranded treasure, and a salvagable vessel





Simmonds Of The Schooner "Lucy Anne". T. Nelson, 1926. 278 pages



Kennedy, Sara Beaumont (1859-1920)

Joscelyn Cheshire : a story of Revolutionary Days in the Carolinas. Doubleday, Page, 1901. 338 pages

Includes an escape from a British prison ship






Kenney, Susan (1941- )

Sailing. Viking, 1988. 320 pages

The story of a relationship which turns into a marriage. The husband, dying long-term from cancer, finds his peace in sailing, and the author uses sailing as an extended metaphor for life. Really well done.




One Fell Sloop. Viking, 1990. 294 pages

English professor/sleuth Roz Howard solves murder while on holiday sailing in Penobscot Bay.






Kent, Alexander (pseud. Douglas Reeman [q.v.]) (1924-2017)

Richard Bolitho series:

  1. Richard Bolitho, Midshipman. Hutchinson, 1975. 159 pages

    1772. Bolitho, a midshipman with 4 years experience, joins the GORGON, 74, and sees service off the Bight of Benin, hunting slavers and pirates.




  3. Midshipman Bolitho and the Avenger. Hutchinson, 1978. 143 pages

    1773. Bolitho serves under the command of his older brother, Hugh aboard the sloop AVENGER. Home from the sea on leave in Cornwall, the 17-year-old midshipman becomes involved with smuggling, murder, and "wrecking."




  5. Band of Brothers. Heinemann, 2006. 124 pages

    1774. The new year seems to offer Richard Bolitho and his friend Martyn Dancer the culmination of a dream. Both have been recommended for promotion, although they have not yet gained the coveted lieutenant's commission. But a routine passage from Plymouth to Guernsey in an untried schooner becomes, for Bolitho, a passage from midshipman to King's officer, tempering the promise of the future with the bitter price of maturity.



  7. Stand into Danger. Hutchinson, 1980. 296 pages

    1774. Bolitho is the junior lieutenant of HMS DESTINY, 28, as she sets forth on a mission to the South Atlantic and Carribean to recover the lost treasure of a Spanish quota ship captured in the War of Jenkin's Ear.




  9. In Gallant Company. Hutchinson, 1977. 287 pages

    1777-78. Lt. Bolitho serves on HMS TROJAN during the opening phases of the War of American Independence, seeing action against American privateers and smugglers.




  11. Sloop of War. Hutchinson, 1972. 319 pages

    1778-81. Bolitho, promoted, takes charge of the sloop SPARROW, 20, seeing action in North American and West Indies waters. The first half, set in 1778 covers Bolitho's tenure as Commander. The second half, in 1781, has Bolitho as a Captain, and climaxes at the Battle of the Chesapeake.




  13. To Glory We Steer. Hutchinson, 1968. 328 pages

    1782-83. Bolitho commands the mutinous PHALAROPE, 32, in the closing stage of the Wars of American Independence. Sent to the West Indies, he fights, and destroys a frigate commanded by his turncoat brother, Hugh, and plays a decisive role at the Battle of the Saintes.




  15. Command a King's Ship. Hutchinson, 1973. 320 pages

    1784-85. Bolitho is given command of the UNDINE, 32, and sent to the East Indies to counter French assistance to a local prince.





  17. Passage to Mutiny. Hutchinson, 1976. 319 pages

    1789-91. Commanding TEMPEST, 36, Bolitho's search for the BOUNTY mutineers is interrupted as the first ripples of the French Revolution wash across the Great South Sea. TEMPEST is called to action against the pirate Tuke, who successively captures a British pay ship, and a mutinying French frigate, the ARGUS.




  19. With All Dispatch. Heinemann, 1988. 256 pages

    1792. Bolitho, in recovery from the fever contracted in the Great South Sea, is given a recruiting assignment in the Nore, with three cutters to assist him. Complicating the situation is corruption in local government and naval officals.




  21. Form Line of Battle! Hutchinson, 1969. 320 pages

    1793. Given command of the HYPERION, 74, in the Mediterranean, Bolitho is part of an expedition to capture Cozar and St. Clar. Under command of the man whom he relieved in PHALAROPE, the St. Clar effort fails along with the Toulon, leaving Bolitho to salvage the disaster.




  23. Enemy in Sight!. Hutchinson, 1970. 320 pages

    1794-95. Still on the refitted HYPERION, Bolitho joins the blockade of the Biscay coast, just as his incompetent commander lets the French escape. The British pursue the French force to the West Indies, where the French plan is revealed: capture the Spanish Flota ship to force Spain to enter the war as French allies.




  25. The Flag Captain. Hutchinson, 1971. 384 pages

    1797. The squadron in which Bolitho has served as flag captain for the last two years is reassigned to the Western Mediterranean, in the first British action there since the sea was abandoned in 1796.




  27. Signal, Close Action! Hutchinson, 1974. 320 pages

    1798. Bolitho, a Commodore, is given charge of a small squadron serving as Nelson's vanguard in the Mediterranean. Overcoming treacherous and incompetent captains, Bolitho tracks down and destroys the French siege train at Corfu, allowing Nelson to fight Battle of the Nile without fear of shore batteries.




  29. The Inshore Squadron. Putnam, 1977. 256 pages

    1800. Promoted to Rear Admiral, Bolitho is sent to Denmark on a diplomatic mission, then given command of the inshore squadron supporting the British expedition in the Baltic in 1800.




  31. A Tradition of Victory. Hutchinson, 1981. 296 pages

    1801. Following actions in the Baltic, Bolitho is reassigned to the Bay of Biscay, with his squadron assigned the task of destroying the French invasion fleet. Bolitho ends up captured, escapes, then faces his captor in the climactic battle concluding the novel.




  33. Success to the Brave. Hutchinson, 1983. 284 pages

    1802. During the Peace of Amiens, Vice Admiral Bolitho is sent on a diplomatic mission to the United States and the West Indies. Bolitho must enforce treaty provision to turn over a British colony to the French. Both the colonists and the US resist the transfer, but the French wars break out again, giving Bolitho an opportunity to again capture his French opposite.




  35. Colors Aloft! Hutchinson, 1986. 286 pages

    1803. Sir Richard Bolitho's squadron is reconstituted, and sent to the Mediterranean, where Bolitho must contend with a political attempt to smear him and his flag captain, and a French squadron commanded by the admiral he captured in Success to the Brave.<




  37. Honour This Day. Heinemann, 1987. 287 pages

    1804-05. As the war spins up again, Bolitho's squadron is sent first to the West Indies, with the task of intercepting a Spanish quota ship. Then in 1805 it is sent to the Mediterranean, where it prevents reinforcements from reaching the Combined Fleet at Trafalgar.




  39. The Only Victor. Heinemann, 1990. 340 pages

    1806. Bolitho is sent first to South Africa, where he assists efforts to capture the Dutch colony, then to Denmark, where he fights a battle in the North Sea against a force containing the ship that sank HYPERION in HONOR THIS DAY.




  41. Beyond the Reef. Hutchinson, 1992. 296 pages

    1808. Bolitho is again sent to South Africa to establish a permanent base, but is shipwrecked. After an epic open boat voyage, he is rescued. Then he is put in charge of a force sent to Martinique.




  43. The Darkening Sea. Heinemann, 1993. 305 pages

    1809-10. Increasing tensions with the Americans give rise to fears of the United States allying with France. Bolitho is sent to the Indian Ocean to contain the harrasment of British merchant shipping.




  45. For My Country's Freedom. Heinemann, 1995. 245 pages

    The War of 1812 from Admiral Bolitho's POV. It talks about the big frigates that the Americans used to demolish the smaller Brit ships.




  47. Cross of St. George. Heinemann, 1996. 275 pages

    Bolitho attempts to stem an American invasion of Canada, while Admiral Herrick is sent to preside over a mutiny court martial that the Admiralty intends will ruin Bolitho's reputation. That plot is foiled by Herrick's rigid integrity.




  49. Sword of Honour. Heinemann, 1998. 278 pages

    The Napoleonic Wars wind down as Richard Bolitho takes command at Malta, and Adam Bolitho commands a frigate off the American coast during the attack on Washington. Equality Dick exits, stage left, at the end of the novel, dying in a final skirmish, with Adam taking the estate as the last Bolitho. This may be setting up additional novels in the late 'teens and early 1820s centered around Adam Bolitho.



  51. Second to None. Heinemann, 1999. 309 pages

    1815. On the eve of Waterloo, a sense of finality and cautious hope pervade a nation wearied by decades of war. But peace will present its own challenges to Adam Bolitho, captain of His Majesty's Ship Unrivalled, as many of his contemporaries face the prospect of discharge.




  53. Relentless Pursuit. Heinemann, 2001. 323 pages

    December 1815. Adam Bolitho's orders are unequivocal. As captain of His Majesty's frigate Unrivalled of forty-six guns, he is required to 'repair in the first instance to Freetown, Sierra Leone, and reasonably assist the senior officer of the patrolling squadron'. But all efforts of the British anti-slavery patrols to curb a flourishing trade in human life are hampered by unsuitable ships, by the indifference of a government more concerned with old enemies made distrustful allies, and by the continuing belligerence of the Dey of Algiers, which threatens to ignite a full-scale war.


  55. Man of War. Heinemann, 2003. 276 pages

    Antigua, 1817 and every harbour and estuary is filled with ghostly ships, the famous and the legendary now redundant in the aftermath of war. In this uneasy peace, Adam Bolitho is fortunate to be offered the seventy-four gun Athena, and as flag captain to Vice-Admiral Sir Graham Bethune once more follows his destiny to the Caribbean.




  57. Heart of Oak. Heinemann, 2007. 253 pages

    It is February 1818, and Adam Bolitho longs for marriage and a safe personal harbour. But with so much of Britain's fleet redundant, he knows he is fortunate to be offered HMS Onward, a new 38-gun frigate whose first mission is not war but diplomacy, as consort to the French frigate Nautilus.




  59. In the King's Name. Century, 2011. 293 pages

    It is 1819, and Captain Adam Bolitho is ordered once again to Freetown in West Africa with secret orders for the senior officer there. The slave trade has been outlawed by many nations, but a hundred thousand slaves are still shipped out annually, the profit for slavers considered worth the risk of interception by the Royal Navy.





Kent, Louise Andrews (1886-1969)

He went with Marco Polo: A Story of Venice and Cathay. Houghton Mifflin, 1935. 223 pages






He went with Vasco da Gama. Houghton Mifflin, 1938. 258 pages






He went with Christopher Columbus. Houghton Mifflin, 1940. 315 pages






He went with Magellan. Houghton Mifflin, 1943. 200 pages






He went with Champlain. Houghton Mifflin, 1953. 259 pages






He went with John Paul Jones. Houghton Mifflin, 1958. 266 pages






He went with Drake. Houghton Mifflin, 1961. 259 pages







Kent, Madeleine F. [Fabiola] (1910- )

The Corsair; a biographical novel of Jean Lafitte, hero of the Battle of New Orleans. Doubleday, 1955. 299 pages







Kent, Ryland

After This. Harper, 1939. 245 pages

A ship with smuggled munitions explodes. The vessel's now-deceased passengers move, singly or in pairs, through a strangely humanized afterlife and attempt to attain a sort of celestial transcendental existence.






Kentfield, Calvin (1924-1975)

The Alchemist's Voyage: an Adventure. Harcourt, 1955. 254 pages

Two young men sign aboard a liberty ship looking for excitment.




The Angel and the Sailor. McGraw-Hill, 1957. 217 pages

The title novella plus nine short stories




All Men are Mariners: a novel. McGraw-Hill, 1962. 250 pages





The Great Wandering Goony Bird. Random House, 1963. 181 pages

Ten short stories each about a person or event aboard the rusty freighter S.S. Lever's Wife as she wallows down the sea lanes.




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