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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Keny - King

Kenyon, Charles M.

First Voyage Out. Four Winds, 1967. 173 pages

A young Rhode Island boy, determined to rescue his father who is reportedly held as a slave on a Pacific island, signs with his father's old ship for his first whaling voyage.




Kenyon, F. W. [Frank Wilson] (1921-1989)

Emma. Crowell, 1955. 314 pages

Fictionalized biography of Emma Hart, aka Emma Hamilton, who became Horatio Nelson's mistress. The novel adds more nautical connections than actually existed.






Keogh, S. K. (Susan K.)

The Jack Mallory Chronicles

  1. The Prodigal. Fireship Press, 2012. 270 pages

    When Jack Mallory was a young boy, James Logan and his pirates murders his father and abducts his mother. Falsely accused of piracy Jack survives seven years in London's notorious Newgate prison and emerges a hardened man seeking revenge. His obsession with finding his mother's kidnapper drives Jack to the West Indies where he becomes entangled with a fiery young woman named Maria Cordero. With a score of her own to settle with James Logan, she disguises her gender and blackmails Jack into taking her aboard his pirate brig, Prodigal, in his desperate search for Logan. First of a planned series.


  3. The Alliance. self, 2013. 320 pages

    Two pirates; sworn enemies. An alliance forged by blood... Jack Mallory sailed into Carolina waters seeking vengeance upon fellow pirate James Logan, the man responsible for his father's murder and his mother's kidnapping. But Jack never expected his well-laid plans to be foiled by a mere child: Logan's precocious six-year-old daughter...and half-sister to Jack. A deathbed promise to their mother inexorably binds Jack to the child and robs him— at least temporarily—of his revenge against her father. But the two pirates' tenuous truce will be tested when a mysterious privateer sets sail to end Logan's devastation of Carolina's lucrative sea trade.


  5. The Fortune. Leighlin House, 2014. 266 pages

    Archer has his sights set on increasing his lands and securing a seat on the Carolina Assembly—and he will destroy anyone in his way. At first, Jack’s pact with the ruthless planter seems benign—sail to Virginia to fetch Archer’s niece. Yet soon he discovers Archer’s plans for the girl are anything but honorable and could endanger his own future, a future that seems increasingly bleak when faced with Archer’s next, murderous task.




Kerr, Mark (1864-1944)

The Destroyer : and A Cargo of Notions. Hatchard, 1909. 43 pages

Verse from the navy of the beginning of the century by a serving officer who rose to become an admiral. Poetry is an important naval tradition as fans of O'Brian will know.





Kessler, Leo [pseud. Charles Henry Whiting] (1926-2007)

Sea Wolves

  1. Sink the Scharnhorst! Macdonald Futura, 1981. 286 pages

    In 1937 two naval cadets meet at the Kiel Regatta and become firm friends. In 1942 the two meet again, as enemies, when the Royal Navy makes a determined onslaught to destroy the battle cruiser SCHARNHORST.




  3. Death to the Deutschland. Macdonald Futura, 1982. 219 pages







King, Charles Daly (1895-1963)

Obelists at Sea. J. Heritage, 1932. 342 pages

The first of a short series of detective novels featuring Capt. Michael Lord of the NYPD and Dr. L. Rees Pons, an integrative psychologist. The murder of a multi-millionaire takes place on a transatlantic liner, the SS MEGANAUT, the detective his helped (and hindered) by the theories of four psychologists. The following books take place on trains and planes.





King, Dean and Hattendorf, John B.

Harbors and High Seas : an atlas and geographical guide to the complete Aubrey-Maturin novels of Patrick O'Brian. Henry Holt, 2000. 258 pages

3rd edition. Find out where the factual and fictional places Stephen and Jack visit in their adventures really were. Many maps and contemporary illustrations.





King, Paul

Journey of Discovery Series:

  1. The Dreamers : a novel of adventure and discovery. Bantam, 1992. 349 pages

    The year is 1418. Prince Henry the Navigator begins exploring the Atlantic, Cheng Ho is leading the Star Raft east, and Alessandro Cavalli of Venice is sold to the Moors by his brother.




  3. The Voyagers. Bantam, 1993. 410 pages

    The year is 1423. The threads started in The Dreamers come together to spur further exploration by Prince Henry just at the point when the Portugese are ready to abandon exploration.




  5. The Discoverers. Bantam, 1994. 346 pages

    The year is 1453. The fall of Constantinople spurs further Atlantic exploration, led by survivors of the conquest of Constantinople, and the children of the protagonists of the first two novels in the series.





Kinghorn, A. W.

Captain Martha, M.N. K. Mason, 1993. 144 pages

Martha Jackson becomes the first female captain of a British merchant ship. This novel is the story of her time as captain of the reefer vessel NORTHERN CASTLE. Kinghorn is himself a MN captain, recently retired, and whilst the book can best be described as undemanding it is at least techinically accurate, although the regime on the NORTHERN CASTLE is a trifle old fashioned for a merchant ship in the 1990s. Kinghorn is a regular contributor to the UK magazine SHIP'S MONTHLY with reports of his various voyages as master of a general cargo ship, trading round the Middle and Far East. The book is unusual in that Kinghorn published it himself.



Kingsley, Charles (1819-1875)

Westward Ho!, or, The voyages and adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, knight : of Burrough in the County of Devon in the reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth rendered into modern English. Macmillan, 1855. 3 volumes

A tale of swashbuckling, young love, villainy, etc., etc.

The Water-Babies : a fairy tale for a land- baby. Macmillan, 1863. 350 pages

Not strictly nautical, Tom the sooty little chimney sweep goes to live beneath the sea and encounters all the strange creatures that live there; including the water babies. Image Tom's delight then when he becomes one with the magical water babies and finds himself clean for the very first time! For young readers.






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