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Nautical Fiction Index

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Bjorneboe, Jens (1920-1976)

The Sharks: The History of a Crew and a Shipwreck. Norvik Press, 1992. 241 pages

A dark, psychological novel of storm and mutiny aboard the British ship NEPTUNE, sailing from Manila to Marseilles in 1899 with a cargo of hemp and a secret stash of pearls.




Black, William (1841-1898)

The Strange Adventures of a House-Boat. Harper, 1888. 3 volumes

A love story which takes place on a horse-drawn boat traveling the waterways from Kingston to Newbury..




Blaine, John [Pseud. Harold L. Goodwin] (1914-1990)

The Pirates of Shan. Grosset & Dunlap, 1958. 181 pages

A Rick Brant Electronic Adventure on Spindrift Island, with airplanes, boats and pirates. For young readers.




Blair, Clay (1925-1998) and Joan Blair (1929- )

Scuba! Bantam Books, 1977. 247 pages

Adventurers, sinners and lovers, lured by a fortune in gold dive in the Caribbean.




The Submariners 1 : Mission Tokyo Bay. Bantam Books, 1979. 217 pages

Just before WW II, US submarine SHARK is sent to find out why the Japanese are gathering submarines.




The Submariners 2 : Swordray's First Three Patrols. Bantam Books, 1980. 179 pages

WW II sub adventure. "The sneak attack on Pearl Harbor was barely finished when Commander Hunter Holmes began some of the most savage underwater attacks of the war."




Blake, George (1893-1961)

The Shipbuilders. Faber & Faber, 1935. 384 pages

Study of a Glasgow shipyard hit by the shipbuilding bust in late 1920s, as seen through the eyes of the owner, and a riveter who served as the owner's batman when both were in the British Army in WW I. Never gets to sea, but a fascinating portrait of a vital support maritime industry during the worst of times.




The Constant Star. Collins, 1945. 319 pages

A saga of a powerful ship and shipbuilding concern owned by the Oliphant family. When their fathers die two cousins inherit the firm. Julius believes in tradition and dreams of the perfect clipper ship, which he builds the CONSTANT STAR but Mark is an innovator and the potential of steam and iron drives him. There is plenty of detail and good characterisation in this story which spans from the end of the Napoleonic War through the American Civil War to the culmination of the tea clippers.



Blake, Patrick [pseud. Clive Egleton] (1927-2006)

Double Griffin. Macdonald, 1981. 320 pages

U.S. title: The Skorzeny project. U-Boat plans to bomb Times Square, New York on New Years Eve 1944/5.





Blaker, Richard (1893-1940)

The Needle-Watcher. Doubleday, 1932. 501 pages

Biographical novel of the final years of Captain William Adams (?-1620), who becomes a Samurai and a friend of the Shogun.





Blanc, Suzanne (1915-1999)

The Sea Troll. Doubleday, 1969. 187 pages

A romance between a widow and an old sea captain during The Sea Troll's voyage to Singapore.






Blasco Ibáñez, Vicente (1867-1928)

Mare nostrum (Our sea). Dutton, 1919. 518 pages

During World War I, a Spanish merchant sailor becomes involved with a German spy






Unknown Lands. The Story of Columbus. E.P. Dutton, 1929. 270 pages

Translation of En busca del Gran Kan (Cristóbal Colón)






Blochman, Lawrence G. (1900-1975)

Midnight Sailing. Harcourt, Brace, 1938. 311 pages

Silk millionaire P.G. Bonner commits suicide after a Senate investigation. He was accused of having secret plans for the latest Navy anti-aircraft gun. Reporter Glen Larkin is assigned to get on board a Japanese freighter that also carries passengers. It's headed for Japan with a load of nitrates for making gunpowder.




Bloom, Ursula (1892-1984)

Wonder Cruise. E.P. Dutton, 1934. 288 pages

A middle aged woman (35!) finds love and discovers her true self during a Mediterranean Cruise.






Bloundelle-Burton, John Edward (1850-1917)

The Desert Ship: A Story of Adventure by Sea and Land. Hutchinson, 1893. 399 pages

Spanish galleon discovered stranded in the Colorado Desert is loaded with mysterious ritual Aztec objects





The Hispaniola Plate, 1683-1893. Cassell, 1895. 352 pages

Fortune's My Foe. C.A. Pearson, 1899. 287 pages

The Sea Devils: a Romance. C.A. Pearson, 1912. 310 pages



Blunden, Godfrey (1906-1996)

Charco Harbour: a novel of unknown seas and a fabled shore passaged with coral reefs and magnetical islands, of shipwreck and a lonely haven; the true story of the last of the great navigators, his bark, and the men in her. Vanguard Press, 1968. 401 pages

Based on James Cook's voyage of exploration 1768-1771 in the ENDEAVOR.





Blyth, James [pseud. Henry James Catling Clabburn] (1864-1933)

The King's Guerdon: a Story of Adventure. Digby, Long, 1906. 318 pages

The English-Dutch sea fight off Lowestaft along with the great plague and the great fire of London





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