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Smith, Arthur Douglas Howden (1887-1945)

Porto Bello Gold. Brentano's, 1924. 330 pages

A prequel to Treasure Island, telling about all the characters and how they became who they were. I starts off with Captain Flint and all the pirates on the WALRUS and how they end up on Treasure Island...Darby, Ben Gunn, Long John Silver are all explained in this book...very well written.





Smith, Bernard K.

Shark. iUniverse, 2000. 232 pages

Captain Peter Van Damm finds himself passed over for the rank of admiral and retires. The Company makes him an offer he can't refuse: command of his old Triton sub, Oregon, and a large sum of money if he will take his old sub out on a shakedown cruise with an untried heavy water power plant. He ends up with a sub half full of women, the other half consists of retired sailors and marines, and everyone trying to sink the sub.




Smith, C. Fox (Cicely Fox) (1882-1954)

Tales of the Clipper Ships. Houghton Mifflin, 1926. 159 pages

Six short novels about adventures aboard clipper ships.





Barty Dale series:

  1. HMS Expedient. Oxford, 1940. 221 pages

    The 14-year old hero, Barty Dale, is brought up by his uncle, once a sailor but now landlord of "The Ship Aground," an inn on the bank of London River.




  3. Painted Ports. Oxford, 1948. 212 pages







Smith, Derek

The Sentinels. Frederic C. Bell, 2001. 234 pages

In 1864 the Confederate submarine H. L. Hunley made naval history--it became the first underwater vessel ever to blow up an enemy ship. Then, in 1994, unsolved murders in Charleston, S.C., involve the U.S. Coast Guard in a search for answers to clues that increasingly point to a ghostly Confederate submarine still fighting more than a century after the Civil War.




Smith, Martin Cruz (1942- )

Polar Star. Random House, 1989. 386 pages

Arkady Renko, formerly a top criminal investigator in Moscow, investigates deaths aboard the Russian fish factory ship on which he is crewman. Set in the Bering Sea in the late 1980s.





Smith, Ron (John Ron) (1925-2008)

Torpedoman. The author, 1993. 195 pages

The book follows an enlisted man training to be a submariner, through the Seal's outfitting, and on through a number of harrowing patrols. The book captures the camaraderie of the sub's crew and the way more experienced submariners looked out for the new sailors and showed them the ropes.





Smith, Wilbur (1933- )

Shout at the Devil. Coward-McCann, 1968. 310 pages

Flynn Patrick O'Flynn, an ivory poacher by profession, lets his hatred of the German East African governer lead him to an assault on a mercantile raider in 1914. He drags Sebastian Oldsmith, an innocent son of English industry, into his schemes. Made into a movie by the same name starring Lee Marvin and Roger Moore.




The Diamond Hunters. Doubleday, 1971. 230 pages

Two men battle for supremacy in the Van Der Byl Diamond Company. Lots of action and adventure from Cape Town to London. The successfull exploration of an offshore diamond field will decide the winner.




Eye of the Tiger. Doubleday, 1976. 300 pages

Attempted salvage of a sunken East Indiaman off the coast of Africa. The title refers to a diamond from the throne of Tipoo Sultan, an indian ruler in the 18th century. Boat chases, diving, shooting, sex, sharks, sunburn and the British Library!




Hungry As The Sea. Doubleday, 1978. 395 pages

Nicholas Berg, forced out of leadership of the Christie Line, starts over with an ocean salvage company, then rebuilds his fortune by salvaging ships from the company he once headed. A business duel with the man who stole his wife and company results, leading to a climactic conclusion when the world's largest tanker breaks down with a load of poisonous oil in a hurricane.



Birds of Prey. St. Martin's, 1997. 554 pages

Action, sex and skullduggery along the African coast as British privateer Francis Courteney and his 14 year old son harass and loot the ships of the Dutch republic.




Monsoon. St. Martin's, 1999. 822 pages

Sequel to: Birds of Prey. Sir Hal Courteney goes back to sea to confront the pirates who are threatening the East India Trading Co.




Those in Peril. St. Martin's, 2011. 385 pages

An adventure set in the violent world of modern piracy and terrorism follows the kidnapping of an oil heiress's daughter for a multi-billion-dollar ransom and the efforts of Cross Bow Security head Hector Cross to secure her release.





Smollett, Tobias (1721-1771)

The Adventures of Roderick Random. J. Osborn, 1748. 2 volumes

The siege of Cartagena and other nautical adventures with his uncle Lt. Tom Bowling. Good descriptions of the conditions aboard British men-of-war of the period. Smollett had been at the siege of Cartagena while serving as a surgeon's mate in the Royal Navy in the 1740s.

The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, in which are included Memoirs of a lady of quality. R. Main, 1751. 3 volumes

Followup to Roderick Random.




Snell, Roy J.

The Flying Sub. Reilly & Lee, 1925. 282 pages

Number five of The Radio-Phone series.






Snell, Fanny Carpenter

The Evolution of a Commodore. Dorrance, 1937. 312 pages

The story (perhaps true) of a landlubber lawyer who acquires a yacht in a legal settlement and the subsequent sailing adventures.






Snow, C. P. (Charles Percy) (1905-1980)

Death Under Sail. W. Heinemann, 1932. 334 pages

Six guests are detained on their murdered host's wherry halfway through a holiday on the Norfolk Broads. One of them has killed Roger Mills, and, as the enigmatic Finbow points out, all of them hated him... A murder mystery of buttonholding tension. Revised in 1959.





Snow, Dave

Raven's Nest. Writers Club Press, 2000. 390 pages

After 27 years of knowing little or nothing about her orphan past, Myria Wyler is surprised to find out who she really is: the daughter of an infamous modern-day pirate, Lightning McFallen, who has used his WWII submarine to plunder the high seas for decades. Lured to a remote Alaskan island by the promise of a lucrative inheritance, Myria is held against her will at McFallen's secret hideaway, Raven's Nest. Meanwhile, her husband, Steven, an ex-navy SEAL still haunted by Vietnam, desperately searches for her.




Solley, George C. (1946- ) and Steinbaugh, Eric (Editors)

Moods of the Sea: masterworks of sea poetry. Naval Institute Press, 1981. 300 pages

Sections: Sounds of the Sea -- Man and the Sea -- Tales of the Sea -- The Laughter of the Waves -- Legends of the Sea -- The Sea as Metaphor.




Short Stories of the Sea. Naval Institute Press, 1984. 566 pages

Foot-prints on the sea-shore / Nathaniel Hawathorne -- Malachi's Cove / Anthony Trollope -- All my sad captains / Sarah Orne Jewett -- Being Ashore & On growing old / John Masefield -- Mutiny / John Thomason -- Red / Somerset Maugham -- The Rough Crossing / F. Scott Fitzgerald -- Lifeguard / John Updike -- About all kinds of ships / Mark Twain -- The Devil and the deep sea / Rudyard Kipling -- Davy Jones's gift & Ambitious Jimmy Hicks / John Masefield -- The Roll-Call of the deep / Arthur Quiller-Couch -- The Ship that saw a ghost / Frank Norris -- A Story of land and sea / Lord Dunsany -- The Story of the siren / E.M. Forster -- The Ocean Christ / Anatole France -- "Blow up with the brig!" / Wilkie Collins -- At sea / Guy de Maupassant -- The Merry men / Robert Louis Stevenson -- Make westing / Jack London -- Turn about / William Faulkner -- Night stalk / C.S. Forester -- "HMS Marlborough will enter harbour" / Nicholas Monsarrat -- MS. found in a bottle / Edgar Allan Poe -- The Wreck of the Golden Mary / Charles Dickens (with Wilkie Collins) -- The Wreck of the Visigoth / Rudyard Kipling -- The Derelict / H.M. Tomlinson -- After the storm / Ernest Hemingway -- Benito Cereno / Herman Melville -- The Open boat / Stephen Crane -- Youth & The Secret sharer / Joseph Conrad.




Somerville, Edith Π(1858-1949) and Martin Ross [pseud. Violet Martin (1862-1915)]

Some Experiences of an Irish R. M.. Longmans, Green, 1899. 309 pages

Sections: Sounds of the Sea -- Man and the Sea -- Tales of the Sea -- The Laughter of the Waves -- Legends of the Sea -- The Sea as Metaphor.




Further Experiences of an Irish R. M.. Longmans, Green, 1908. 315 pages






In Mr. Knox's Country. Longmans, Green, 1915. 311 pages







Southworth, John Van Duyn (1904-1986)

The Pirate From Rome. Crown, 1965. 376 pages

Young Roman, captured by Mediterranean pirates, and abandoned by his family, who would rather see him dead -- so they can inherit his estate -- joins the Pirate Brotherhood rather than allow himself to be sold into slavery. Shortly after he does so, Rome begins efforts to eradicate the pirates. Features appearances by Julius Caesar and Sparticus.




Spector, Robert M.

Salt Water Guns. H.Z. Walck, 1970. 216 pages

Impetuous and strong-willed youth, who wants to join Washington's Army is instead put on a ship that is running guns and ammunition to the Continental Army. Because he is aboard unwillingly, his attitude and actions threaten the mission until he becomes convinced of its importance.





Sperry, Armstrong (1897-1976)

All Sail Set, a romance of the "Flying Cloud". John C. Winston, 1935. 175 pages

When his father loses his fortune, a boy is taken on by a famous shipbuilder and eventually makes a maiden, record-breaking trip around Cape Horn on the "Flying Cloud."




Lost Lagoon : a Pacific adventure. Doubleday, Doran, 1939. 277 pages

Seventeen-year-old Judd Anders, born and raised in Tahiti by his American parents, unknowingly becomes involved in a scheme to find a fortune in gold which was on a ship sunk in the South Pacific during World War I.




Call it Courage. Macmillan, 1940. 95 pages

Polynesian youth goes into self-imposed exile from his island because of his fear of the sea. During his adventures on the sea and on a taboo island, he overcomes his fears and comes to manhood. For young readers. Newberry Award winner.




Storm Canvas. John C. Winston, 1944. 301 pages

American Jason Cobb learns that his stepfather is a British spy in 1814. To avoid the man's vengence when he discovers Jason's knowledge, Jason flees to the ship commanded by a friend of his birth father, the 32-gun USN frigate THUNDERBOLT. Jason sets sail on the ship for adventures in the Caribbean, including a diplomatic mission to Haiti, and the improbable capture of Admiral Home Popham's flagship -- a 74-gun ship-of-the-line.



Hull-Down For Action. Doubleday, Doran, 1945. 215 pages

Independent sequel to Lost Lagoon. Four young men are stranded on a raft in South Pacific, after a German and Japanese agent on their sailing brig take over the ship on December 7, 1941. Young adult.




Danger to Windward. J. C. Winston, 1947. 241 pages

In 1816, an orphaned teen inherits a whaler from his grandfather, but has to battle his uncle's family -- figuratively and literally -- to keep the prize when they dispute the existence of the will, and go to more direct lengths to eliminate the youth from consideration.




Black Falcon, a story of piracy and Old New Orleans. J. C. Winston, 1949. 216 pages

It is the last year of the War of 1812. Wade Thayer is captured by the British while aboard a merchant ship running the blockade from New Orleans to Havana. Escaping, he joins up with Jean Lafitte, and helps repell the British invation of New Orleans. For young readers.





Stabenow, Dana

Fire and Ice. Dutton, 1998. 264 pages

A well-wrought thriller set in the herring-roe fishing fleet of Bristol Bay. The Alaskan background is first rate.






Stables, Gordon, MD, RN (W. Gordon-Stables) (1840-1910)

Westward With Columbus. Blackie & Son, 1894. 352 pages

Fictionalized account of Columbus' famous voyage.




The Cruise of the "Vengeful" : a story of the Royal Navy. John F. Shaw, 1902. 268 pages

The Royal Navy in a war against France and Russia set in 1909! Although for the younger reader the message was clear: Britain must have a modern powerful navy or this sort of thing would happen!




The Meteor Flag of England. J. Nisbet, 1905. 332 pages

"A rousing tale of war. England, some eighty years hence [c1980], has to fight a combination of powers on sea and land. How she meets her foes and overcomes them is told in Dr. Stables' well-known vigorous style." [From a bookjacket blurb]






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