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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Mars - Mart

Mars, Alastair (1915-1985)

Arctic Submarine. Elek, 1955. 191 pages






Submarine at Bay. Elek, 1956. 164 pages






Atomic Submarine : a story of tomorrow. Elek, 1957. 192 pages

U.S. title: Fire in Anger.





Submarine Attack. Horwitz, 1959. 175 pages






Mediterranean Wolfpack. Horwitz, 1960. 159 pages






Deep Escape. Horwitz, 1960. 161 pages







Marsh, George

Ask No Quarter. William Morrow, 1945. 572 pages

Hugh Jocelyn's rise from orphanhood to the command of his own privateer during the French and Indian War






Marsh, John [pseud. Florence Shepherd & Harrington Hastings]

Shipwrecked Schoolship. Gerald G. Swan, 1949. 223 pages






Secret of the Seven Sisters. Ward, Lock, 1950. 252 pages






The Cruise of the Carefree. Ward, Lock, 1955. 160 pages







Marsh, Richard [pseud. Bernard Heldmann (1857-1915)]

The Mutiny on Board the "Leander" : a Story of the Sea. T.Y. Crowell, 1882. 322 pages

Later editions titled: The Mutiny on Board the Ship "Leander"






Marshall, Darlene

Sea Change. Amber Quill, 2011. 341 pages

American privateer Captain David Fletcher needs a surgeon for his wounded brother. But when he captures a British merchantman in the Caribbean, what he gets is Charley Alcott, an apprentice physician barely old enough to shave. Needs take priority over skill, and Captain Fletcher whisks the prisoner aboard his ship with orders to do his best or he'll be walking the plank. Charley Alcott's medical skills are being put to the test in a life--or--death situation--Charley's life as well as the patient's. Even if Charley can save the captain's brother, there will still be hell to pay, and maybe a plank to walk, when Captain Fletcher learns Charley is really Charlotte Alcott.


Castaway Dreams. Amber Quill, 2012. 342 pages

After a lifetime in the Royal Navy, surgeon Alexander Murray knows one cannot exist without a brain, yet Daphne Farnham may be the exception. Her head contains nothing but rainbows, shoes, bonnets, pink frills and butterflies. Even her fluffy dog is useless. But the war with Napoleon is finally over and Alexander is sure he can put up with the cloth- headed Miss Farnham only for a couple of months until they reach England. But when their ship goes down, the dour doctor (after a fashion), the dizzy damsel (more or less) and the darling (and potentially delicious) doggy are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime as unlikely companions, castaway on a desert island.




Marshall, Edison (1894-1967)

The Great Smith. Farrar & Rinehart, 1943. 438 pages

Fictionalized biography of Captain John Smith





Yankee Pasha : The adventures of Jason Starbuck. Farrar, Straus, 1947. 439 pages

A doughty Adirondack frontiersman of the 1790s who loses his family in a Indian raid, finds a great love while working the coastal fisheries of New England, and pursues her across the Atlantic and most of the known world. Swashbuckling adventure on land and sea, with much of it laid among the Barbary corsairs where Starbuck more or less goes native. Probably the only historical novel ever to include both a ship duel in the Bight of Benin and scenes at the court of the Cham of Tartary.



The Viking. Farrar, Straus & Young, 1951. 380 pages

The sea is secondary - maybe tertiary - to this story of a young viking's rise to power. The movie of the same name with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis was loosely based on this excellent novel.




American Captain. Farrar, Straus & Young, 1954. 407 pages

An epic tale, circa early 1800's, of Homer Whitman, Maine seaman, a captain of an American merchantman captured by Barbary pirates, sold into captivity, etc.




West with the Vikings. Doubleday, 1961. 444 pages

Lief Ericson goes exploring, discovers the new world. Written before Viking discovery of America was generally regarded as truth rather than myth.






Marshall, Edward

The Middle Wall. G.W. Dillingham, 1904. 470 pages







Marshall, James Vance [pseud. Donald G. Payne (1924-2018)]

My Boy John that Went to Sea. Hodder and Stoughton, 1966. 126 pages

Skipper takes his sensitive son on a a whaling mission to Antarctica.






Marsten, Richard [pseud. Evan Hunter (1926-2005)]

Murder in the Navy. Fawcett, 1955. 158 pages

A visiting nurse is found murdered aboard a US Navy destroyer. Later editions are printed under Salvatore Albert Lombino's regular Ed McBain pen name





Martel, Yann (1963- )

Life of Pi. Harcourt, 2001. 401 pages

Pi is alone in a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger. When they finally reach land, the tiger flees. The authorities who interrogate Pi refuse to believe his story and press him to tell them the truth. Pi then tells a second story, much more conventional-but is it more true?





Martin, Geroge R. R. (1948- )

Fevre Dream. Poseidon Press, 1982. 350 pages

Vampire novel which takes place on a Mississippi River sidewheeler. Struggling riverboat captain Abner Marsh receives an offer of partnership from a wealthy aristocrat, the hauntingly pale, steely-eyed Joshua York.





Martin, Larry Jay

Rush to Destiny. Bantam, 1992. 390 pages

Biographical novel of Edward F. Beale "naval hero, soldier, adventurer..."






Martin, William (1950- )

Back Bay. Crown, 1979. 437 pages

A Boston graduate student stumbles into a mysterious treasure hunt and finds himself allied with a beautiful heiress, and a once-famous newspaperman. Includes nautical flashbacks to the American revolution





Cape Cod. Warner, 1991. 652 pages

The story of the Bigelow and Hilyard clans, who journeyed to America together aboard Mayflower, brings readers from their first years in the new world, through the age of sail, and into the present era of whale-watching





Annapolis. Warner, 1996. 685 pages

A Naval family's saga spanning two centuries. They take part in all the major historical events, from fighting Barbary Coast pirates to Confederate raiders, from the Battle of Midway to the Riverine Force in Vietnam.





Martinek, Frank V. (1895-1971)

Commander Don Winslow series:

  1. Don Winslow, USN, in Ceylon With Kwang, celebrated Chinese detective. Rosenow, 1934. 258 pages






  3. Don Winslow USN. Whitman, 1935. 427 pages






  5. Don Winslow of the Navy vs. the Scorpian Gang. Whitman, 1938. 1 volume






  7. Don Winslow of the U.S. Navy and the Missing Admiral. Whitman, 1938. 32 pages






  9. Don Winslow of the Navy. Grosset & Dunlap, 1940. 214 pages


    The famous adventures of Commander Don Winslow, hero of countless American teenagers during WW II.




  11. Don Winslow Face to Face With the Scorpion. Grosset & Dunlap, 1940. 215 pages






  13. Don Winslow of the Navy and the Great War Plot. Whitman, 1940. 424 pages






  15. Don Winslow Breaks the Spy Net. Grosset & Dunlap, 1941. 211 pages






  17. Don Winslow Saves the Secret Formula. Grosset & Dunlap, 1941. 218 pages






  19. Don Winslow. Navy Intelligence Ace. Whitman, 1942. 1 volume






  21. Don Winslow of the Navy and the Secret Enemy Base. Whitman, 1943. 345 pages






  23. Don Winslow and the Giant Girl Spy. Whitman, 1946. 348 pages






  25. Don Winslow and the Scorpion's Stronghold. Whitman, 1956. 228 pages








Martyr, Weston (1885-1966)

The £200 Millionaire. W. Blackwood, 1931. 307 pages

Idyllic portraits of cruising in Europe before WWII.




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