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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Woodr - Wyn

Woodrooffe, Cdr. Thomas (1899-1978)

Naval Odyssey. J. Cape, 1936. 287 pages

Toby Warren, in the fictitious British cruiser HMS CASSIOPEIA, participates in the events in Turkey during the 1920s, and the Royal Navy's involvement in the crises there.




River of Golden Sand. Faber & Faber, 1936. 325 pages

U.S. title Yangtze Skipper. Toby Warren, a young lieutenant in HMS BEETLE, a Yangtze gunboat, paints a lively picture of Navy ways and days in China at a very interesting period.




Best Stories of the Navy. Faber & Faber, 1941. 524 pages

Seascape: morning off Lerwick / "Sea-wrack" -- The promotion of the admiral / Morley Roberts -- The settlement with Shanghai Smith / Morley Roberts -- "John Ecuador" / W.P. Drury -- Bad weather / "Taffrail" -- Convoy / A.D. Divine -- The fruits of their labour / C.F. Walker -- The war of attrition / "Klaxon" -- Through an admirality window / "Klaxon" -- A ruddy Casabianca / Gilber Hackforth-Jones -- First command / Gilbert-Hackforth-Jones -- Lost with all hands / Cutcliffe Hyne -- The sail of the Ivy / T. Woodrooffe -- Shadi / T.A. Powell -- Spolazza hoax / Horton Giddy -- Sampan Charlie / C.F. Walker -- September afternoon / G.R. Colvin -- Sin at Malta / Allan Bee -- Flotsam / Ian Scott -- When the convoys met / "Shalimar" -- Strictly according to plan / L. Luard -- Day of reckoning / L. Luard -- The captain of the turtles / T. Woodrooffe -- The day's work / "Sea-wrack" -- A good day's work / H. deL. Standley -- Of human valour / "Bartimeus."


Best Stories of the Sea. Faber & Faber, 1945. 415 pages

Easting down / Shalimar -- The brute / Joseph Conrad -- Fortunes adrift / Cutcliffe Hyne -- An abolition of armaments / Weston Martyr -- The admiral / O. Henry -- China clippers / Basil Lubbock -- Jacob / James Hanley -- The overcrowded iceberg / Morley Roberts -- The lady of the barge / W.W. Jacobs -- Tramp odyssey / F.H. Shaw -- A sea fight at Pantalarea (from Hakluyt) / Philip Jones -- Jack-all-alone / Morley Roberts -- Adventures of a naval chaplain / Henry Teonge -- The ship that found herself / Rudyard Kipling -- "E l'Egitto!" / David Scott -- The Egypt's gold / David Scott -- The net / "Sea-Wrack" -- Bligh's open-boat voyage (after Barrow) / T. Woodrooffe -- The death of the white whale / Melville -- The sinking of the Titanic / H. M. Tomlinson -- Sailing of the Pilgrim fathers / William Bradford -- Sea brooms / "Bartimeus" --North Cape / F.D. Ommanney -- The cruise of the Cachalot / F.T. Bullen



Woods, Edith Elmer (1871-1945)

The Spirit of the Service. Macmillan, 1903. 334 pages

Spanish-American War at sea, featuring the Battle of Manilla






Woods, Stuart (1938-2022)

Blue Water, Green Skipper : A Memoir of Sailing Alone Across the Atlantic. Norton, 1977. 190 pages

Autobiographical account of Woods inheriting a sailing yacht and having to bring it across the Atlantic.





Run Before the Wind. Norton, 1983. 337 pages

A big sailing yacht, political intrigue, and the IRA.





Deep Lie. Signet, 1986. 340 pages

Sifting through reams of seemingly unrelated intelligence, CIA analyst Katherine Rule discovers a chilling pattern: an ultrasecret Baltic submarine base ... a crafty Russian spy-master in command ... a carefully planned invasion about to be launched from dark waters. Her suspicions, however, are dismissed by those higher up; her theory, they say, is too crazy to be true. But to Katherine, it's just crazy enough to succeed - unless she can stop it. If she''s right, an attack sub has already penetrated friendly waters. Worse yet, the enemy has penetrated deep into her own life, so deep she can touch him. And in this game, one wrong touch can mean Armageddon.


White Cargo. Simon and Schuster, 1988. 350 pages

Our hero takes off on a world cruise on a Swan. Picks up a "helpful" college student who turns out to be a hijacker who with friends who show up on another boat, kills the guy and his family (they think). The guy survives and learns to fly to distract himself from his grief. A couple years later he gets a phone call from his (he thought) dead daughter and he realizes it was the female accomplice he saw dead. The rest of the book has him flying to South America and investigating the cocaine trade in the hopes of locating the girl.




Woods, William

Manuela. Rupert Hart-Davis, 1955. 157 pages

The story of a girl of 17 and two men on a tramp freighter. The girl, penniless, stranded in a Brazilian seaport and trying to reach England, makes a desperate bargain with Mario, the brutal engineer. At once the victim of and partner to the bargain, Manuela breaks her word when she and Captain Prothero lose themselves in a tempestuous love affair that is terminated by shipwreck and the engineer's bitter revenge.





Worboys, Anne Eyre (1920-2007)

The Way of the Tamarisk. Collins, 1974. 160 pages

Murder, romance and suspense on board. Originally published under her Vicky Maxwell pseudonym







Worrall, Jay (1943- )

Charles Edgemont series

  1. Sails on the Horizon : a novel of the Napoleonic Wars. Random House, 2005. 284 pages

    In 1797, at the height of the Napoleonic Wars, a small group of English ships, including the HMS Argonaut, plays a key role in preventing a fleet of twenty-seven Spanish ships from linking up with the French at Brest. Unusual in that the lead character is married to a Quaker.




  3. Any Approaching Enemy : a novel of the Napoleonic Wars. Random House, 2006. 276 pages

    In 1798, Captain Charles Edgemont leads the Louisa and its companion brig Pylades on a voyage across the Mediterranean in a race against time to bring Admiral Horatio Nelson vital information that is needed to stop the French off the coast of Alexandria. Jack Aubrey makes a cameo. Original title: Aboukir Bay.




  5. A Sea Unto Itself : a novel of the Napoleonic Wars. Fireship Press, 2013. 319 pages

    Charles Edgemont, newly appointed Captain of the Frigate Cassandra, 32, is ordered on what he initially considers a fool's errand to the foot of the Red Sea. He finds an under-strength crew on the point of mutiny, and an unresolved murder. Near the entrance to the Red Sea, Charles reports to Admiral Sir John Blankett. Blankett is openly contemptuous of any notion that the French would make any other attempt to invade the subcontinent. Admiral Blankett is wrong.




Worts, George F. [Frank] (1892-1967)

The Silver Fang. A.C. McClurg, 1930. 300 pages

Malabar MacKenzie, the grandson of a China coast pirate, finds adventure and danger enroute and after his arrival in Rangoon. First published as a serial in Argosy.





Five Who Vanished. Robert M. McBride, 1945. 343 pages

Aboard an ocean liner sailing in convoy to Honolulu after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Another Grand Hotel at sea.






Wouk, Herman (1915-2019)

The Caine Mutiny, a novel of World War II. Doubleday, 1951. 494 pages

Officers take over minesweeper from crazed captain during WW II.





Don't Stop the Carnival. Doubleday, 1965. 395 pages

Comic novel about the coming of middle age and the "realities" of living on an island in the sun.





World War Two Duology

  1. Winds of War. Little, Brown, 1971. 885 pages

    The story revolves around a mixture of real and fictional characters, all connected in some way to the extended family of Victor "Pug" Henry, a middle-aged Naval Officer and confidant of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The story begins six months before Germany's invasion of Poland, which launched the European portion of the war, and ends shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, when the United States and, by extension, the Henry family, enters the war as well.<



  3. War and Remembrance. Little, Brown, 1978. 1042 pages

    Continues the story of the extended Henry family and the Jastrow family starting on 15 December 1941 and ending on 6 August 1945.






Wren, P. C. [Percival Christopher] (1875-1941)

Action and Passion: a story of Courage and the Sea. Small, Maynard, 1925. 300 pages

First novel featuring Sinclair Noel Brodie Dysart, whose nickname is Sinbad based on the initials of S.N.B.D. The other three novels are not nautical related





Wright, Constance (1897-1987)

Their Ships Were Broken. E. P. Dutton, 1938. 346 pages

Missionaries, merchants, and captains in China during the time of the opium clipplers






Wright, William Talboy

Churchill's Gold. Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1980. 218 pages

With nothing to lose, falsely accused fugitive Mark Masters agrees to take a wooden barkentine to the South Seas on a search for sunken treasure to bail out the British treasury during WW II.






Wyeth, N. C. (1882-1945) (Editor)

Great Stories of the Sea & Ships. David McKay, 1940. 431 pages

About three dozen short sea stories and excerpts, fiction and factual, by some of the great nautical authors. Illustrated by Peter Hurd.






Wylie, Philip (1902-1971)

The Big Ones Get Away! Farrar & Rinehart, 1940. 271 pages

Crunch and Des fishing tales.





Salt Water Daffy. Farrar & Rinehart, 1941. 299 pages

More Crunch and Des fun.





Fish and Tin Fish; Crunch and Des strike back. Farrar & Rinehart, 1944. 300 pages

Crunch and Des fishing stories.





Crunch and Des; stories of Florida fishing. Rinehart, 1948. 250 pages

Contents: Bait for McGillicudy -- A diet of fish -- Fire on the beach -- The snarling Santa Claus -- Three time winner -- The shipwreck of Crunch and Des -- Fair-caught -- Eve and the sea serpent -- Key jinx.




The Best of Crunch and Des. Rinehart, 1954. 404 pages

Collection of short stories first published in the SATURDAY EVENING POST about the lighthearted adventures of charter fishermen Crunch and Des, fishing out of the Gulf Stream Dock in Miami: Widow Voyage; Hooky Line and Sinker; The Old Crawdad; The Reelistic Viewpoint; The Visiting Fire-eater; Crunch Catches One; Light tackle; Fifty-Four, Forty and Fight; Crazy Over Horse Mackerel; The man Who Had Been Around.



Treasure Cruise, and Other Crunch and Des Stories. Rinehart, 1956. 336 pages

Contents: Treasure cruise -- Danger at Coral Key -- Planedown -- Hurricanearea -- The affair of the ardent Amazon -- Smuggler's cove -- The man who loved a joke.






Wyllarde, Dolf [pseud. Dorothy Margarette Selby Lowndes] (1871-1950)

Captain Amyas, being the career of D'Arcy Amyas, R.N.R., late master of the R.M.S. Princess. J. Lane, 1904. 303 pages



Wynd, Oswald (1913-1998)

Death the Red Flower. Harcourt, Brace & World, 1965. 216 pages

British agents attempting to prevent a surprise attack by the Chinese which would start World War III.





The Hawser Pirates. Harcourt, Brace & World, 1970. 273 pages

British salvage pirate must battle his rival French and Dutch tug crews to reach disabled ships first.





The Forty Days. Collins, 1972. 254 pages

Allied POWs from Singapore suffer a hellish voyage aboard the OSHIMA MARU, bound for Japan in the fall of 1943.










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