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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Jer - Joh

Jeram-Croft, Larry

Jacaranda trilogy

  1. Jacaranda. self, 2013. 269 pages






  3. The Guadeloupe Guillotine. self, 2013. 240 pages






  5. Nautilus. self, 2015. 231 pages







Diamant. self, 2018. 227 pages

The French attack on Diamond Rock retold






Jerome, Jerome K. [Jerome Klapka] (1859-1927)

Three Men in a Boat : Not To Mention the Dog. J.W. Arrowsmith, 1889. 315 pages

Classic comedy of a camping trip in a Thames skiff.






Jesse, F. Tennyson [Fryniwyd Tennyson] (1888-1958)

Tom Fool. Alfred A. Knopf, 1926. 149 pages

Life in the then contemporary Australian merchant service





Moonraker, or, The female pirate and her friends. Alfred A. Knopf, 1927. 226 pages

The story of a boy who runs away to sea and is taken prisoner by a pirate






Jessup, Richard (1925-1982)

Sailor. Little, Brown, 1969. 471 pages

Twenty five years (1919-1943) in the life of an American mariner, Savannah native Howard Cadiz, as he moves from being a green boy of fourteen on his first voyage to service as captain of a World War 2 merchant vessel.




A Quiet Voyage Home. Little, Brown, 1970. 275 pages

A demagogue known as Indian provokes and leads an uprising by hundreds of young action-freaks (i.e. Hippies) aboard a luxury liner sailing from Le Harve to New York. Kids today.





Jewett, Roger [pseud. Irving A. Greenfield q.v.]

Navy Series

  1. Navy Battle Stations. New American Library, 1988. 382 pages

    Woven into this novel are a mafioso, admiral's son on PT boats, Jewish rabbi and Iowa farmboy, caught in the raging crosscurrents.





  3. Navy Carrier War. New American Library, 1989. 314 pages

    War in Pacific is over, and our heroes -- fighter pilot, sub skipper and commando -- go home, thinking it's all over. But then comes Korea.




  5. Navy on Station. New American Library, 1989. 326 pages

    Modern USN, now dealing with Cuba and Viet Nam, air and sea warfare, CIA and politics.






Jewett, Sara Orne (1849-1909)

The Tory Lover. Houghton, Mifflin, 1901. 405 pages

Also published as The Yankee Ranger. Man volunteers to serve with John Paul Jones to prove his patriotism after being accused of a being a Tory, but disappears under suspicious circumstances.





John, Owen (1918-1995)

The Shadow in the Sea. E.P. Dutton, 1972. 188 pages

British secret service vs. a Russian submarine.






Johns, Cecil Starr

With Gold and Steel. John Lane, 1917. 327 pages

A French-sponsored treasure hunt for a wrecked Spanish galleon in the 1500's


Johnson, Charles R. (1948- )

Middle Passage. Atheneum, 1990. 209 pages

Rutherford Calhoun, freed slave, con man and n'er-do-well, escapes creditors and and blackmailers in 1830s New Orleans by stowing away on THE REPUBLIC, a slaver bound for the coast of Africa. Crewed by an assortment of social misfits, THE REPUBLIC takes on the last remants of the Allmuseri, a tribe of mystics (some say sorcerers), and a large, mysterious crate with the aura of the supernatural. The story is told through Calhoun's eyes, and traces his transformation as he confronts his private demons during what could only be described as the sea voyage from Hell. An engaging book which unfortunately suffers from sloppy editing, particularly in historic details.




Johnson, E. Van

Lost to the Sea

  1. Orphaned; Apprenticed; Pressed and Prized. self published, 2013. 298 pages

    Second edition published in 2015. James Johnson, the son of a fisherman, is orphaned when his entire family are drowned trying to launch thier fishing boat into the teeth of a north east gsale. Taken in by the church and educated, he is Apprenticed to a local shipping master and rises quickly, but falls foul of Thomas Brolin the owners nephew who sees James as a rival for the Captains daughter Annabel and plans to have him murdered. Instead, the highwayman sells him to the press gang.



  3. Letters of Marque. self published, 2014. 320 pages

    Second edition published in 2015. With his prize money James Johnson buys shares in the Stag line and sails as mate on the Schooner Annabel. When The Captain is injured he become a Captain in his own right.




  5. A Colonial Venture. self published, 2015. 263 pages

    Comissioned by the Duke to travel to the Colony of New York and investigate the true political situation as the Duke is alarmed by the talk of revolution in the air coupled with the French causing trouble across the river in Canada. En route James rescues four women shipwrecked in the Bay of Biscay only to discover much later that they are French spies.




  7. Recalled to the Colours. self published, 2016. 328 pages

    After a lapse of several years, James is 'Recalled to the Colours' and ordered to carry out a secret mission to find a suitable deep water naval base in America. He becomes embroiled in the Boston riots and later while making his way to report to the Admiral in Jamaica, he is attacked by pirates, then driven ashore during a hurricane. Later he meets Christiana, the half cast daughter of a Swedish slave master. Her mother was Nigerian and James agrees to take her as her father wants to expand his business.



  9. An Indian Affair. self published, 2017. 224 pages

    In order to help James recover from the loss of his family, Charles hires him to carry him to India. having neglected his business interests for some time, James calls at his island and finds it under attack by two naval sloops. Once peace is restored Thalia asks Christiana to act as her companion.




  11. Shipwrecked. self published, 2019. 191 pages

    Following immediately on from book 5, James leaves Christianna to arrange their wedding in Jamaica and sails for England. He rescues survivors from a sea fight between a pirate and a merchant schooner and hands them to a naval escort ship.




  13. Marooned. self published, 2020. 168 pages

    James has retired from the sea and is living in England, but when their child dies his wife she wants to return to Jamaica. He buys a fast tea clipper and sails for the island. On arrival he finds there has been a slave revolt and the platation is under siege. Because of the unrest in America, there are no troops available to quell the uprising and James takes it upon himself to restore order.




Johnson, Gerald S.

Tropical Furlough. Harrap, 1964. 264 pages

Lieutenant Jim Bradford is appointed supernumerary in the Royal Indian Navy freighter BANGALORE at Colombo in 1944. As the only other white man he shares the accommodation of the huge Russian captain on the voyage to Diego Garcia. She is caught by a typhoon, her machinery and radio destroyed. Left with a permanent list she is only afloat because of timely precautions. Six of her people are still alive and they drift, trying to escape the Great Oval Current of the Indian Ocean, for months. A Japanese raiding submarine sails from Singapore destroying any enemy commerce in her path including the steamer, CORAL QUEEN, that connects Diego Garcia with Mauritius leaving only a handful of survivors, aboard a lifeboat close to death. The scene is now set for the novel's conclusion.



Johnson, James Leonard (1927-1987)

The Nine Lives of Alphonse. Lippincott, 1968. 256 pages

2nd novel in the "Code Name Sebastian" series. Rev. Raymond Sebastian attempts to rescue Cuban defectors using an untested midget sub.






Johnson, Marill [pseud. Will and Marilyn Rayment]

Thirteen Desperate Hours: A Liberty Ship's Crew and Their Navy Armed Guard Fight for Survival While Grounded on a Japanese-Held Island. Sunflower University Press, 2001. 177 pages

Based on Will's real life WWII experiences during the Philippine Islands invasion






Johnson, Victor H. Reed

Strike the Lutine Bell. Duell, 1958. 215 pages

Merchantman overloaded with ore is caught in a storm off the Altantic coast.






Johnson, Walter Reed

Oakhurst. New American Library, 1978. 343 pages

American Jeremy Beaufort is pressed into the RN, fights French, and becomes slaver in War of 1812.






Johnston, Mary (1870-1936)

To Have and To Hold. Houghton, Mifflin, 1900. 403 pages

A maid-of-honor flees in 1621 to Virginia, marries a swordman, and has all sorts of adventures afloat and ashore. U.K. title: By Order of the Company




Sir Mortimer. Houghton, Mifflin, 1904. 349 pages

Elizabethan England vs. Spain over naval supremacy of the New World





1492. Little, Brown, 1922. 315 pages

This is the story of Columbus, but it is not told through the eyes of an academic or an historian. It is told by a simple sailor-a Christian of secret Jewish ancestry-whose hopes and fears not only makes the story more engaging, but all the more realistic.




Croatan. Little, Brown, 1923. 293 pages

The voyage to and the settlement of Roanoke Island under Sir Walter Raleigh and John White




The Slave Ship. Little, Brown, 1924. 330 pages

In the 17th century a Scotsman is shipped off to a Virginia plantation, escapes, signs onto slaver and takes up the trade.






Johnston, Ronald (1926- )

Inoco fleet series:

  1. Disaster at Dungeness. Collins, 1964. 225 pages

    A supertanker makes her way up the English Channel on the completion of her maiden voyage. We follow her every move until the incident the title suggests occurs. This part is well done but at nearly sixty years distance it already has an historic aspect. The ship itself is just over thirty thousand tons gross, there are no separation lanes, no Anglo-French Control and nowhere in the book do the words "ecological" and "environment" occur. The last third, and least satisfactory part of the book, deals with the Court of Enquiry that follows. US title: Collision Ahead.


  3. The Angry Ocean. Harcourt, Brace & World, 1968. 222 pages

    A revolutionary 500,000 ton tanker is on its shakedown cruise when a nearby volcanic island erupts creating a 300-foot high tsunami. Survival is complicated by the need to rescue nearby Japanese fishermen, rather than running away from the wave at flank speed, and also by a structural flaw in the new supertanker and the fact that mangaement has saddled her with two captains!



  5. Sea Story. Atheneum, 1980. 309 pages

    James Bruce, forced out at INOCO and suffering a busted marriage, returns to the sea as the second officer of a gas tanker, SEAGAS II to salve his wounds. He discovers that the Seagas line is operating on a shoestring and cutting safety corners. After an accident aboard that kills the captain, he is put in command, and sets about both whipping his command in shape and saving Seagas.



Red Sky in the Morning. Collins, 1965. 191 pages

A gun running yacht runs onto a reef on a tiny Caribbean island during a hurricane. The rescued Cuban crew prove more dangerous to the islanders than the weather. U.S. title: Danger at Bravo Key




The Stowaway. Harcourt, Brace, 1966. 191 pages

Stowaway on a British merchant ship is suspected of being a missing Soviet scientist whose secret weapon can destroy the world.




The Wrecking of Offshore Five. Harcourt, Brace & World, 1968. 191 pages

A WW II mine emerges from the ooze of the North Sea and drifts down on a veteran oil rig with disastrous results.




The Eye of the Needle. Collins, 1975. 189 pages






The Crusoe Test. St. Martin's, 1976. 190 pages

The pampered rich and beautiful are trapped upon an abandoned luxury yacht stalled in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Published under his Mark Nelson pseudonym




The Flying Dutchman. Macdonald, 1983. 221 pages

She was the first of her class; a nuclear powered big gas tanker. To her master and owners she was the ultimate and their future depended on her. But to the world's politicians she was vote and attention grabber supreme, and that made her a pariah hounded from port to port, never allowed to drop anchor.




Johnstone, Charles (c. 1719-1800)

Chrysal, or the Adventure of a Guinea : Wherein are exhibited views of several striking scenes, with curious and interested anecdotes of the most noted persons in every rank of life, whose hands it passed through. T. Becket, 1760-5. 4 volumes

Burlesque of Smollett's The Adventures of Roderick Random [q.v.]








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