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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Tre - Tu

Treece, Henry (1911-1966)

Viking's Dawn. The Bodley Head, 1955. 154 pages

Tells the story of the earliest Vikings, before they were the kings of the sea.

The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Criterion, 1958. 190 pages

Trelawny, Edward John (1792-1881)

Adventures of a Younger Son. Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley, 1831. 3 volumes

RN midshipman deserts in India because of harsh treatment, joins an American privateer sailing under French letter of marque, has various adventures in the Indian Ocean and East Indies. He's indignant about the ill treatment of the natives by foreign intruders, but behaves just as callously himself. Some episodes (e.g. ship overrun by man-hungry naked Malay women) were omitted from the original edition, because of protests by Trelawny's friend Mary Shelley, but are restored in the Oxford English Novels edition, 1974, which also has useful notes.

Trevor, Elleston (1920-1995)

The Big Pick-Up : a novel of Dunkirk. Macmillan, 1955. 259 pages

Gale Force. Heinemann, 1956. 262 pages

"A shattering story of a [steam]ship's fight for survival in the Atlantic gone mad." [from bookjacket blurb]

Trew, Antony (1906-1996)

Two Hours to Darkness. Random House, 1962. 312 pages

Captain of a British Polaris submarine goes mad during a patrol in the Baltic Sea in 1960s. He plans to launch Polaris missiles at the USSR, while his exec, learning of the plot is determined "to keep his yardarm clear," and not endanger his own chances of promotion.

The White Schooner. Collins, 1969. 255 pages

Mystery and revenge in the Balearics.

The Moonraker Mutiny. St. Martin's, 1972. 288 pages

Crew mutinies and abandons freighter on way to Australia.

Kleber's Convoy. St. Martin's, 1973. 222 pages

Johan Kleber commands a wolf pack hunting a Murmansk bound convoy, while an old friend commands its destroyer escort.

The Zhukov Briefing. St. Martin's, 1975. 254 pages

Soviet sub runs aground off Norway.

Death of a Supertanker. St. Martin's, 1978. 220 pages

A supertanker runs aground on the African coast, leaving behind dead sailors and a massive insurance bill. Someone on board had sabotaged its navigation gear. Suspects range from a crewman up to the captain.

The Antonov Project. St. Martin's, 1979. 235 p.pages

US and UK intelligence want to know what's with Russia's new class of bulk carrier ships that never take on cargo.

Sea Fever. St. Martin's, 1980. 220 pages

During a single-handed round trip race to the Azores from Britain our hero finds stowaway aboard his small ketch. Her presence will disqualify him, but only if she is discovered. Is winning worth throwing her overboard?

Running wild. Collins, 1982. 249 pages

Anti-apartheid activists escape S. Africa in a ketch.

Bannister's Chart. St. Martin's, 1984. 285 pages

Mystery and suspense as a cruise ship get battered by a cyclone and diverted on a treasure hunt.

Yashimoto's Last Dive. St. Martin's, 1986. 287 pages

Japanese submarine commander and British destroyer captain in a duel on the Indian ocean during WW II.

The Chalk Circle. St. Martin's, 1989. 256 pages

Spy thriller set in Mozambique. Survivors of a wrecked big game fishing boat and a small aircraft are drawn into an intrigue.

Trimble, Hugh J. (1924- )

Return from the Deep. McHew, 1958. 197 pages

A US sub skipper sinks a Japanese ship, finds out later that it contained US prisoners of war, including his best friend. Based on an actual incident during WW II.

Trowbridge, John

Three Boys on an Electrical Boat. Houghton, Mifflin, 1894. 215 pages

Tubbs, Christopher C.

The Dorset Boy series:

  1. A Talent For Trouble. self published, 2018. 199 pages

    Martin Stockley at 12 years old was underfed and undersized as the youngest of nine in a Dorset clay miner's family. But he had a sharp mind, had learned to read, write and do his numbers and had a fascination for maps. A stroke of good fortune sees him taken in as a Ship's Boy and Under Steward to the Captain in the Falcon Frigate. Gibraltar, the siege of Toulon and Barbary pirates all feature in this tale of growing up.

  2. The Special Operations Flotilla. self published, 2018. 246 pages

    Midshipman Martin Stockley is 15 years old and back in the Falcon for another tour at sea. Returning from a trip to the Nordics as part of a prize crew he is unexpectedly summoned to the Admiralty. The following meeting with Admiral Lord Hood and William Wickham twists his career in the Navy in a direction he never expected and his talent for trouble is suddenly in demand.

  3. Agent Provocateur. self published, 2019. 219 pages

    Newly promoted to lieutenant and made commander of the cutter Lark, Marty continues his adventures in the Special Operations Flotilla of the Royal Navy. Doing the jobs normal officers will not do because they see them as dishonorable, Marty's peasant roots are an asset to William Wickham, the spymaster of Britain, and Admiral Lord Hood, the secret head of Navy covert operations. Betrayal in the Batavian Republic, the Coup of the 19th November, Pirates in Madagascar and an explosive encounter with Arthur Wellesley in India keep our boy busy..

  4. In Dangerous Company. self published, 2019. 214 pages

    The East India Company is gradually gaining control, but the problem of pirate attacks from their base at Réunion on East Indiamen ships in the Indian Ocean is getting worse. On top of that Maharaja Holkar, who is no friend of the British, has had enough of the internal bickering’s of the Maratha Nobles and is on the march to capture Pune and eliminate the Peshwa. With a daring rescue Marty helps Arthur Wellesley get the Bassein Accord in place.

Tucker, George Fox (1852-1929)

The Boy Whaleman. Little, Brown, 1924. 293 pages

Whaling voyage to the Pacific and Arctic.

Turnbull, Archibald Douglas

Cochrane the Unconquerable. Century, 1929. 319 pages

Novel based on the adventures of RN hero Thomas Cochrane. "Since man first pushed out upon blue water, there has been only one Thomas Cochrane. Because the Golden Age of Sailors is dead, there can never be another quite like him, asking no odds in weather or war. Alike against political double-dealing and naval corruption ashore, or against overwhelming gales and roaring broadsides afloat, he set a straight course and steered it with a high heart. From a downfall that must have killed a lesser man, he rose to new and greater heights. The spars of this tale are history; it's sails, romance. Who must, may hunt out the robands bending sails to spars"

Turteltaub, H. N. [pseud. Harry Turtledove] (1949- )

Menedemos and Sostratos series:

The adventures of two cousins who are merchantmen from Rhodes, set in the years shortly after the death of Alexander the Great. Originally planned as a seven book series, leading up to the siege of Rhodes by the forces of Antigonos, only four were published.

  1. Over the Wine-Dark Sea. TOR, 2001. 384 pages

    The plot of the book centers around the cousins voyaging around the Greek parts of the Mediterranean Sea. They trade a great many things on their ship, the Aphrodite, including, much to the chagrin of many on board, peacocks. During their voyage they encounter pirates, other traders and get caught up in conflicts between some of Alexander's former generals, including Antigonos.

  2. The Gryphon's Skull. TOR, 2002. 384 pages

    The book centers around the discovery of an apparent gryphon skull (in reality a skull from a dinosaur), and the efforts of Sostratos to get the skull back to scholars for study.

  3. The Sacred Land. TOR, 2003. 380 pages

    Sostratos, the more scholarly of the pair, visits Jerusalem, where he tries to learn more about the odd monotheists who live there. Menedemos, meanwhile, fulfills his usual role of paying more attention to profits than prophets and pays a great deal of attention to women.

  4. Owls to Athens. TOR, 2004. 382 pages

    Sostratos and Menedemos arrive in Athens in time for the Dionysia. Sostratos spends much of his time visiting with his old teachers. His cousin, Menedemos finds himself having a sexual encounter with an important Athenian woman.

Tute, Warren (1914-1989)

The Cruiser. Cassell, 1955. 363 pages

Life-history of LEANDER class cruiser ANTIGONE from the peace-time Caribbean to WW II in the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

The Rock. Cassell, 1957. 395 pages

Gibraltar at war during WW II. Lots of sea action.

The Leviathan. Cassell, 1959. 377 pages

Life story of LEVIATHAN, a ship patterned on the QUEEN MARY -- the crew's pub even has the same name as that on the QM -- from its launch through peacetime and wartime service until it is sunk in WW II.

The Admiral. Cassell, 1963. 313 pages

The career of Mark Hamerlock, RN, from entry as a midshipman 1897, through service in China and at Jutland, to retirement as an admiral in 1942. Not terribly original, but a lot of good period detail.

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