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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Bul - Burn

Bulla, Clyde Robert (1914-2007)

Pirate's Promise. Thomas Y. Crowell, 1958. 96 pages

Tom Pippin is sold as a slave to a ship bound for America. When pirates captures his boat, the young boy's life changes forever as he revels in the secrets, and dangers, of the pirate's life.





Bullen, Frank Thomas (1857-1915)

The Cruise of the Cachalot: Round the World After Sperm Whales. Grosset & Dunlap, 1897. 397 pages

Bullen drew on his youthful experiences as a whaler for this novel about a cruise to the South Pacific whaling grounds.




The Log of a Sea-waif : being recollections of the first four years of my sea life. Smith, Elder & Co, 1899. 349 pages





Deep-Sea Plunderings: a collection of stories of the sea. Smith, Elder & Co, 1901. 350 pages

Stories of the sea - Some whaling.




A Sack of Shakings . McClure, Phillips & Co., 1901. 388 pages

Shakings are odds and ends of rope and canvas accumulated during a voyage. They were formerly the perquisites of the chief mate. Thus, odds and ends of sea stories.




A Whaleman's Wife. D. Appleton, 1902. 372 pages






Sea Puritans. Hodder & Stoughton, 1904. 365 pages






Sea Spray. Hodder & Stoughton, 1906. 313 pages


Frank Brown, Sea Apprentice. George Bell, 1906. 347 pages






The Call of the Deep : being some further adventures of Frank Brown. George Bell, 1907. 372 pages


A Bounty Boy: Being Some Adventures of a Christian Barbarian on an Unpremeditated Trip Round the World. Marshall, 1907. 361 pages

South Pacific whaling adventure for young readers.




Young Nemesis. J. Nisbet, 1908. 372 pages

"A Pirate hunter."




A Son of the Sea : a Sea Story for Boys of All Ages. James Nisbet, 1908. 355 pages






The Bitter South. Robert Culley, 1909. 293 pages

Beyond. Chapman & Hall, 1909. 310 pages

Cut Off from the World. Unwin, 1909. 348 pages






Told in the Dog Watches. G. Bell, 1910. 332 pages






Fighting the Icebergs. J. Nisbet, 1910. 372 pages






A Compleat Sea-cook. S.W. Partridge, 1912. 304 pages



Buntline, Ned [pseud. Edward Zane Carroll Judson Sr.] (1821-1886)

The Black Avenger of the Spanish Main, Or, the Fiend of Blood: A Thrilling Story of the Buccaneer Times. F. Gleason, 1847. 100 pages

The King of the Sea: A Tale of the Fearless and Free. Flag of Our Union Office, 1847. 100 pages

The Red Revenger; Or, The Pirate King of the Floridas: A Romance of the Gulf and its Islands. S. French, 1847. 100 pages

Cruisings, Afloat and Ashore. Robert Craighead, 1848. 102 pages

Featuring "Eating the Captain's Pig," a popular tale of the mid-19th-century. Also issued as Navigator Ned

The Ice-King; Or, The Fate of the Lost Steamer: A Fanciful Tale of the Far North. G.H. Williams, 1848. 100 pages

Matanzas: Or, A Brother's Revenge: A Tale of Florida. Williams, 1848. 100 pages

The Queen of the Sea; Or, Our Lady of the Ocean. A Tale of Life, Strife and Chivalry. F. Gleason, 1848. 100 pages

The Last of the Buccaneers: A Yarn of the Eighteenth Century. Dick & Fitzgerald, aprox 1850. 97 pages

A collection of 14 Dime Novels under the title The yacht : a series of original tales. Along with the concluding title story, the other items of nautical interest are: "The Pirate of the Gulf" and "The Buccaneer's Daughter. A tale of the southern seas".

The White Cruiser; Or, The Fate of the Unheard-of: A Tale of Land and Sea: of Crime and Mystery. Garrett, 1853. 103 pages

English Tom, or, The smuggler's secret, a tale of ship and shore. F.A. Brady, 1858. 82 pages

The Shell-hunter : or, an Ocean Love-chase : a romance of land and sea. Beadle and Adams, 1858. 78 pages

Later published as Ethelbert, the shell-hunter, or, The ocean chase

The Man-O'Wars Man's Grudge: A Romance of the Revolution. F.A. Brady, 1859. 95 pages

Seawaif; Or, The Terror of the Coast: A Tale of Privateering in 1776. Brady, 1859. 128 pages

Later published as Captain Sea Waif, the Privateer

Elfrida, The Red Rover's Daughter, A New Mystery of New York. F. Brady, 1860. 103 pages

Later published as Andros, the Free Rover; Or, The Pirate's Daughter

Morgan; Or, The Knight of the Black Flag: A Strange Story of Bygone Times. F.A. Brady, 1860. 118 pages

Clarence Rhett; or, The cruise of a privateer. An American sea story. F.A. Brady, 1866. 78 pages

The Sea Bandit; Or, The Queen of the Isle: A Tale of the Antilles. Beadle, 1870. 61 pages

The Smuggler; Or, The Skipper's Crime: A Tale of Ship and Shore. F. Starr, 1871. 74 pages

Red Ralph, The River Rover; Or, The Brother's Revenge. Beadle and Adams, 1884. 15 pages

The Naval Detective's Chase; Or, Nick The Steeple-Climber. A Thrilling Tale of Real Life. Street and Smith, 1889. 209 pages

1883 Serial in New York Weekly

Fire Feather, The Buccaneer King: a tale of the Caribbean Sea. Beadle and Adams, 1890. 31 pages

1885 Serial in The Banner Weekly

Hark Cringle : Or, the one-armed buccaneer. Street and Smith, 1890. 15 pages

1871 Serial in New York Weekly

The Red Privateer; Or, The Midshipman Rover: A Romance of 1812. Beadle and Adams, 1890. 32 pages

1885 Serial in The Beadle [later Banner] Weekly

Harry Bluff, The Reefer; Or, Love and Glory on the Sea. Street and Smith, 1890. 16 pages

1882-3 Serial in New York Weekly

Rattlesnake Ned, The Terror of the Sea. Street and Smith, 1890. 32 pages

1876 Serial in New York Weekly

The Sea Spy; Or, Mortimor Monk, The Hunchback Millionaire. A Tale of Sea and Land Fifty Years Ago. Beadle and Adams, 1890. 30 pages

1886 Serial in The Banner Weekly

Dashing Charlie, the Texan whirlwind. Street and Smith, 1891. 48 pages

1872 Serial in New York Weekly

Long Tom Dart, The Yankee Privateer: A New Naval Story of the War of 1812. Beadle and Adams, 1891. 30 pages

Title story in an anthology of dime novels

The Revenue Officer's Triumph; or, The Sunken Treasure. Street and Smith, 1891. 32 pages

1884 Serial in New York Weekly under the title The Smuggler's Daughter; or, The Wreck of the Mohawk

Darrow, the floating detective, or, The shadowed buccaneer : a thrilling ocean story. Street and Smith, 1896. 32 pages

1880 Serial in New York Weekly



Burgess, J. J. Haldane [James John] (1862-1927)

The Treasure of Don Andres; a Shetland romance of the Spanish Armada. T. Mathewson, Lerwick, 1903. 318 pages


Burgoyne, Alan H. [Hughes] (1880-1929)

The War Inevitable. F. Griffiths, 1908. 313 pages

A sneak attack by Germany on Britain's torpedo boats leads to the circumnavigation of the globe by Japan's fleet (at the time of the novel's writing, an ally of the U.K.) to come to the aid of its ally; Germany then suffers a condign Invasion.


Burke, James Lee (1936- )

Dixie City Jam. Hyperion, 1994. 367 pages

Off the coast of New Iberia, deputy sheriff Dave Robicheaux finds a wrecked U-boat. It has sufficient positive buoyancy to drift around. The discovery starts off a chain of events when various vested interests attempt to force Robicheaux into revealing its whereabouts.




Burke, Richard (1886-1962)

Barbary Freight. G.P. Putnam’s, 1943. 281 pages

American freighters are disappearing from Allied North Atlantic convoys only to reappear later in the Pacific Ocean as German commerce raiders.





Burland, Brian (1931-2010)

A Fall from Aloft. Barrie & Rockliff, 1968. 195 pages

An account of a youngster's crossing from Hamilton, Bermuda, to England in 1942 when U-Boats contributed, to the precariousness of any passage. The story is told through the eyes--often looking backwards to the security of his home--of young James who was sent away because of certain juvenile misdemeanors. He has spasms of dreadful homesickness and seasickness.



Burman, Ben Lucien (1895-1984)

Steamboat Round the Bend. Farrar & Rinehart, 1933. 308 pages






Blow for a Landing. Houghton Mifflin, 1938. 320 pages






Rooster Crows for Day. E.P. Dutton, 1945. 308 pages







Burnage, Roger

The Merriman Chronicles:.

  1. A Certain Threat. self, 2012. 204 pages

    With French Revolutionary agents travelling freely but secretly between Ireland and England and war with France inevitable, the English government of Mr Pitt is desperately anxious to uncover any plots between Irish rebels and the French. Lieutenant James Merriman with his ship, the sloop Aphrodite, is ordered to the Irish Sea to assist the principal Treasury agent Mr. Grahame in this work. Merriman is plunged headlong into the world of espionage and when Grahame is seriously wounded it falls to Merriman to carry on the investigation.



  3. The Threat in the West Indies. self, 2014. 197 pages






  5. The French Invasion. self, 2013. 231 pages

    Recalled home from the West Indies, Lieutenant James Merriman is promoted to the rank of Post Captain and given command of the frigate Lord Stevenage. It is known that the French are amassing an army and a fleet to invade Ireland and join with Irish rebels. If it succeeds then England will be ringed by enemy countries under the control of Napoleon Bonaparte, and only the navy stands between France and England.



  7. The Threat in the East. self, 2014. 168 pages

    The year is 1798 and it is known that Napoleon is putting a fleet and army together to attack Egypt, from where he might be able to threaten and even attack India to join with Tipu Sahib the ruler of Mysore, a known ally of the French. A British fleet under Admiral Nelson is hoping to intercept him but there is no word of their progress. Merriman has been ordered to take the Treasury Agent Mr Grahame to Bombay where their orders are to help The East India Company protect their shipping from pirates and also to find out how far Tipu's naval building has progressed.



  9. The Threat in the Baltic. self, 2015. 177 pages






  11. The Threat in the Americas. self, 2015. 197 pages






  13. The Threat in the Adriatic. self, 2015. 189 pages






  15. The Threat in the Atlantic. self, 2024. 240 pages






  17. The Fateful Voyage. self, 2022. 294 pages

    Set in 1879, featuring the Great Grandson of Sir James Merriman, Army Captain, Edward Merriman.






Burnett, W. R. [William Riley] (1899-1982)

The Goldseekers. Doubleday, 1962. 282 pages

In the 1880s, four men travel afloat via the North Pacific, Bering Sea, and Yukon River to the gold fields in Alaska




Burns, Walter Noble (1872-1932)

A Year with a Whaler. Outing Pub. Co., 1913. 250 pages

Author shipped as a greenhorn on an arctic whaling ship, and relates his adventures in the Bering and Chukchi seas, with notes on the processing of whale aboard ship. The ship was the 'Alexander' out of San Francisco.




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