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Nautical Fiction Index

Authors Stan - Ster

Stanley, Bennett (1917-1988) [pseud. Stanley Bennett Hough]

Sea Struck. Crowell, 1953. 260 pages

"A Sea Story of Love and Violence". An experienced master of a schooner copes with a motley crew of amateurs on a voyage to Tangier.






Stanton, Ken [pseud. Manning Lee Stokes] (1911-1976)

The Aquanauts series

This group of highly trained operatives, lead by code name Tiger Shark, is part of the elite Secret Underwater Service. To provide adequate protection to the nation from enemies who would either strike from the sea or attack naval underwater missions, the U.S. Navy established this top secret organization. The mission of the SUS was twofold: train personnel to be able to handle extremely difficult underwater missions and to actually carry out those tasks when the President so orders.

  1. Cold Blue Death. Macfadden-Bartell, 1970. 208 pages

    Devilfish was the code name for a vital operation in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle. Someone was out to destroy the mission but Tiger was there to save it.




  3. Ten Seconds To Zero. Macfadden-Bartell, 1970. 192 pages

    American submarines were becoming sitting ducks to the Soviet's new anti-sub missile called the Sea Serpent. Tiger must steal the secrets behind this dangerous weapon.




  5. Seek, Strike And Destroy. Macfadden-Bartell, 1971. 192 pages

    When a Chinese captain with a strange underwater craft lobs a missile at the U.S., the danger from the Bamboo Curtain becomes clearer but what of Madame Hee?




  7. Sargasso Secret. Manor, 1971. 224 pages

    A marine biologist has come up with a way to feed starving millions but someone is not pleased with his success. Tiger must keep alive him and his daughter, Poppy.




  9. Stalkers Of The Sea. Manor, 1971. 160 pages

    The man behind savage attacks on U.S. interests is a Soviet spy of American origins. Tiger must track him down from icy northern waters to hot foreign bordellos.




  11. Whirlwind Beneath the Sea. Manor, 1972. 192 pages

    Secret agent Tiger Shark and the underwater service are off to Australia to solve the mystery of an undersea eruption, a rising land mass and beautiful babes.




  13. Operation Deep Six. Manor, 1972. 191 pages

    On her maiden voyage, the navy's newest supersub, the J1, just disappeared. Now its sister ship, the J2, is ready for launch and Tiger is on site to keep an eye on her.




  15. Operation Steelfish. Manor, 1972. 175 pages

    The Soviet villain from #5 is back, trying to get his hands on the newest weapon the Navy is testing in the Caribbean. Tiger must find a way to stop the theft.




  17. Evil Cargo. Manor, 1973. 192 pages

    The Mob has stolen a Russian submarine in Cuba to smuggle drugs into the U.S. Tiger is sent to stop them but he is told for diplomatic reasons not to damage the sub.




  19. Operation Sea Monster. Manor, 1974. 190 pages

    Some creature of monstrous proportions is randomly striking the underwater American sea lab and Tiger is ordered to find and eliminate the creature.




  21. Operation Mermaid. Manor, 1974. 192 pages

    The report was that a Chinese sailor was attacked by a mermaid. As crazy as that sounded, Tiger is sent to find the truth. So too were several Soviet agents.





Stanwood, Donald A.

The Memory of Eva Ryker. Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, 1978. 350 pages

Eva Ryker survives the sinking of the TITANIC. In 1941 a middle-aged couple are murdered in Hawaii. In 1962 a multi-million dollar salvage expedition is exploring the TITANIC. All three events are linked in this thriller.





Stark, N. Beetham [Nellie] (1933- )

Rundell series:

  1. Humble Launching, A Story of a Little Boy Growing Up at Sea. Nellie Stark, 2011. 259 pages

    This is the story of an orphaned young English boy growing up at sea in the 18th century and facing many challenges from the four terrible ship's boys to a vindictive leftenant. We experience the Napoleonic Wars through his eyes and those of his friend, Thomas Murphy. It is pumped with action and still shows the challenges that will make Benji a fine captain under often near impossible odds.



  3. Midshipman Rundel. Nellie Stark, 2013. 326 pages

    Ben leaves a happy ship, the Faithful, to join a most unhappy ship, the Hawk, under Captain Sharp who is suffering from syphilis but will not admit it. Ben, who is only 15, is asked to serve as acting surgeon's mate on a ship with no surgeon. He is faced with 'lubbers', an alcoholic second lieutenant, an insane midshipman and tropical fevers. He is shanghaied aboard a slaver, escapes and later is taken with ten of his crew aboard a Spanish pirate ship. He manages to capture the pirate ship and her two foreign prizes and brings them into port at Barbados with a crew of only ten men, expecting to be blown out of the water. Besides saving the lives of men afflicted with fevers, he must serve as senior officer on a ship that is sinking and has a crew of Spaniards who are fever-ridden. He is crucified during a court martial for loss of the ship by one man who is destined to play an important role in his life. He manages to pass the lieutenant's exam on his second try.


  5. Mediterranean Madness . Nellie Stark, 2013. 433 pages

    This novel is set during the Napoleonic Wars. Benjamin Rundel fights in the Battle of Cape St. Vincent after a nerve-wracking sail through the French fleet in the fog. He suffers at the hands of a loud Italian lady whom he has been sent to rescue from her French paramours. Her children nearly drive his entire crew crazy. He is there when Commodore Horatio Nelson loses his right arm in battle at Tenerife and later becomes his scribe. He and his crew are captured when their ship is driven ashore during a severe storm. He manages to get them out of the prison and back to their original ship. When his captain panics at the Battle of Camperdown, as first Leftenant, Ben is forced to take over the ship.


  7. The Adventures of Leftenant Rundel. Nellie Stark, 2013. 295 pages

    The great battles in the Mediterranean are over and Ben is asked to assist with the assault on a castle on shore at St. Elmo. He is assigned to a bomb boat and with his friend, Tom Murphy, they learn how to sail the bomb boat and handle the mortars. When Commodore Troubridge is sent to explore Rome, Ben finds himself suddenly left sitting in the hot seat while the commodore returns to his ship. His friend Tom, has considerable trouble with exams and Ben helps him through his stressful Leftenant's exam.


  9. Forever Leftenant Rundel. Nellie Stark, 2013. 300 pages

    Benjamin Rundel is sent as first leftenant aboard the Gadfly which is under the command of the son of an M.P. who has bought his son's commission as 'captain.' But the young man is not interested in the sea, the war or sailing. He is a frustrated actor who is addicted to opium and has no idea of the duties of captain. Ben must face charges of mutiny in order to safeguard the ship as he assumes the duties of captain. He manages to capture a number of French merchantmen and destroys some frigates in a cutting out exercise. In the end he is exonerated by the court martial.


  11. Captain Rundel I - Trafalgar and Beyond. Nellie Stark, 2011. 314 pages

    Set in the years 1803-1806. Ben endures blockade duty and finds a novel way to overcome the boredom suffered by his crew. He is aboard the H. M. S. Victory under Admiral Lord Nelson. He and Tom survive the Battle of Trafalgar and see their hero, Lord Nelson fall and die. Ben helps get the fallen Admiral back to London for burial. He is put in charge of the Navy's part of the funeral and the procession of barges that take the Admiral's body to St. Paul's for the funeral service. Ben is determined to meet his lady love, Annie, there.


  13. Captain Rundel II - Give Me a Fair Wind. Nellie Stark, 2013. 265 pages

    Captain Benjamin Rundel suffers through the frustration of convoy duty. Then he runs into a nest of ship wreckers and he and his men manage to capture the lot and bring them to justice. On his next assignment, he manages to capture a Spanish ship a day after a peace treaty was signed by the English and Spanish.




  15. Captain Rundel III - Bend on a Sail and Watch Me Fly. Nellie Stark, 2013. 296 pages

    Napoleon's army of 600,000 has decided not to invade England and is headed to Russia. The Admiralty want to know what happens to Napoleon and his man in Russia. If they survive, they may return to France with over a million fighting men to attack England. If they fail, then England will be safe for a time. News travels slowly by land but faster by sea. Ben and his ship are sent to the White Sea to the Solovetsky Islands to rendezvous with an English spy. Ben is warned to return as soon as possible to avoid the frozen Arctic seas. When the spy does not appear on time, Ben sets out towards Moscow with two trusted men.


  17. Admiral Rundel. Nellie Stark, 2013. 310 pages

    Ben has suffered injuries to his feet and is partially crippled. He has made port admiral, but hates the constant string of petitioners and the paper work that he must sort through daily. He learns of the capture of Napoleon at Waterloo and the plans to exile him on St. Helena. He and Tom lay plans to get the Admiralty to send them off to escort Napoleon to St. Helena. Aboard ship Ben asks the little Emperor some pointed questions and gets some equally surprising answers. Then it is back to the daily grind of port admiral.



Nasty Jack: A Roaring Tale of the Sea, 1800. Nellie Stark, 2011. 366 pages






Condor: Flying in Drake's Wake. Nellie Stark, 2015. 1 volume







Stead, C.K. [Christian Karlson] (1932- )

All Visitors Ashore. Harvill, 1984. 150 pages

In 1951, a motley set of Kiwis dream of a future beyond New Zealand. But a harborfront strike traps them in Auckland





Steelman, Robert J.

Call of the Arctic. Coward-McCann, 1960. 316 pages

Account of Charles Francis Hall's three voyages to the far North






Steen, Marguerite (1894-1975)

The Sun is My Undoing. Viking, 1941. 1176 pages

Saga of the slave-trade, Barbary pirates and Bristol shipping. First book of the Flood trilogy - the remaining volumes are not nautical






Steinbeck, John (1902-1968)

Cup of Gold : a life of Henry Morgan, buccaneer, with occasional reference to history. R.M. McBride, 1929. 269 pages

The infamous 17th-century pirate Henry Morgan, captain of the real JOLLY ROGER, consumed by lust and greed, tries to conquer Panama--and a mysterious woman. Steinbeck's first novel.





Steni, L. [pseud.]

Soldier Adrift. Heinemann, 1954. 251 pages

A medical officer aboard a troopship in convoy returning to England from the Far East immediately after the conclusion of the Second World War must contend with a mysterious epidemic which seemingly threatens to claim the lives of many men. Is it a new, yet undiscovered tropical disease or a virulent new strain of the plague?





Stepanov, Viktor

The Thunderers. Progress, 1986. 270 pages

Translation from the Russian Gromoverzhtsy. The breakdown of the friendship between a Soviet and an American nuclear submarine commander mirrors the deterioration in Soviet-US relations. The USA is perceived as wishing to recover the nuclear superiority it possessed in the 1940s by testing new weapons in space. Extremely anti-American in tone, a distinction is drawn between militaristic circles in the USA and an American scientist who becomes involved in the US peace movement. She is sympathetic to Soviet views, and eventually abandons her work on the training of dolphins for anti-submarine warfare. The USSR is presented as the wise protector not only of the human race, but also of 'the whole world. . . the whole planet'.



Stephens, Edward Carl

Blow Negative! Doubleday, 1962. 466 pages

During the Korean War, beach bum Harry Joy gets called back from the inactive reserves in an effort to discredit a Jewish submarine commander, Sampson Greice, but instead becomes an efficient submariner, and one of the commander's loyal supporters as Greice confounds his superiors and contemporaries while commanding a diesel boat, then forces through the development of the nuclear powerplant for submarines. Can anyone say Hyman Rickover?


The Submariner. Doubleday, 1973. 215 pages

A diesel sub is assigned to attack a nuclear enemy boat that has sunk two U.S. subs.






Stephens, Michael Gregory (1946- )

Shipping Out. Apple-Wood, 1979. 89 pages

Life below-decks on a transatlantic liner upon its last, mid-Sixties voyage before scrapping. The crew is largely Latin, often violent, a little crazy, and sometimes just plain silly--as all hands gear up for the ritual of drinking/whoring/fighting in port. But all the passengers above ever see is sweetness and light.





Sterling, Charles F.

Buff and Blue, or, The privateers of the Revolution. A tale of Long Island Sound. W.H. Graham, 1847. 128 pages


Sterling, Dorothy (1913-2008)

Captain of the Planter: the story of Robert Smalls. Doubleday, 1958. 264 pages

Robert Smalls, a slave who is captain of a paddle wheel steamer in Charleston at the outbreak of the Civil War sails (paddlewheels?) her Up North, and later is elected to Congress. A novel based on true events.






Sterling, Stewart [pseud. Prentice Winchell] (1895-1976)

Fifty Fathom Klondike. Funk & Wagnalls, 1959. 213 pages

Gulf shrimpers hunt for the gold sunk off the Yucatan










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